base library and GHC 6.12

Isaac Dupree ml at
Mon Jun 29 11:07:04 EDT 2009

Simon Marlow wrote:
>  - Haddock doesn't support it properly either, unless Isaac Dupree's
>    SoC project comes to fruition in time for the release.  This
>    would be a show-stopper.

[Haddock being able to document exported identifiers that are originally 
defined in a different package, that is.]  What exactly is the timing 
here?  Good timing would be to get any needed changes to the GHC API 
into GHC in time for 6.12, is that right?  Are there any particular 
release-cycle deadlines for that (just curious.  I'm hard at work on it 
so I'm hoping it'll be done sometime soon :-))


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