Adding swap to Data.Tuple

Yitzchak Gale gale at
Wed Jun 17 04:20:04 EDT 2009

Russell O'Connor wrote:
>> I have a new proposal to add swap and swap' to Data.Tuple
>> swap ~(a,b) = (b,a)
>> swap' (a,b) = (b,a)

Bertram Felgenhauer wrote:
> I'd ask the opposite of Neil's question - what is a good use case for
> the extra laziness that swap provides over swap'? It seems to fill
> a rather small niche to me.

Well, another natural way of writing it would be

swap = uncurry $ flip (,)

which supports the lazy version as default.

But Bertram is right, in practice we know that there will
never be an advantage to pushing off until later
the "hard work" of swapping the order of the tuple.
So we should make it strict by default.

Let's not fall into the trap of "sum" and "product",
where the default is idiotically lazy, and now we
have to fight to get it fixed.


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