Proposal: Add System.FilePath.Cygwin

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Thu Jun 4 09:24:07 EDT 2009


Proposal: Add System.FilePath.Cygwin

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I propose we add the module System.FilePath.Cygwin to the filepath
library. This module would be based on System.FilePath.Windows but
with '/' as the preferred path separator, rather than '\\' as for
Windows. This module would never be available as System.FilePath, and
would always have to be imported specifically if wanted.

The desire for this module comes from working with the Cygwin shell,
which supports Windows syntax but requires the alternative separator.
I have been using such a module for a few months, and find it very

There are no backward compatibility concerns, as it is a new separate module.

Discussion deadline: 18th June 2009.

Thanks, Neil

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