Ian Lynagh igloo at earth.li
Tue Jun 2 16:15:28 EDT 2009

On Mon, Jun 01, 2009 at 02:39:04PM -0700, Ashley Yakeley wrote:
> Ross Paterson wrote:
>> On Mon, Jun 01, 2009 at 02:12:05PM -0700, Ashley Yakeley wrote:
>>> The 1.1.3 version of time on Hackage was spuriously uploaded before it
>>> was finished and may be buggy. I'll look over it later today and patch
>>> it up if necessary.
>> It wasn't released today -- it was released 3 weeks ago when GHC 6.10.3
>> was released.
> How did an unfinished version of time end up in GHC? Why wasn't the  
> released and announced used?

GHC releases use the darcs versions of all the libraries. These are then
tarred up and put on hackage after the release.

For the boot libraries there is a special branch created for the GHC
branch, and we keep the branched versions as compatible as possible
between GHC releases from that branch.

For extralibs, we just use the HEAD repos.

There is a plan to switch to using released tarballs of most, if not
all, of the libraries. Hopefully we'll do that in time for 6.12. Either
way, 6.12 won't have extralibs.


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