PROPOSAL: Add openFileTemplate, openBinaryFileTemplate to System.IO

Thomas Schilling nominolo at
Fri Jul 24 19:27:04 EDT 2009

Sorry, I don't get this.  I thought the "temp" in openTempFile stood
for "temporary" not "template".  And what would the signature of these
new functions would look like and what exactly they would do.

2009/7/24 Ian Lynagh <igloo at>:
> Hi all,
> This is
>    Add openFileTemplate, openBinaryFileTemplate to System.IO
>    (originally part of
> In System.IO, openTempFile and openBinaryTempFile mask the file
> permissions of the file they create with 0o600. However, we would like
> to use it for implementing things like writeFileAtomic, in which case we
> want the default file permissions to be used.
> I propose that we add openFileTemplate and openBinaryFileTemplate
> functions, which use the default permissions.
> Deadline: 8th August (2 weeks).
> Thanks
> Ian
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