base library and GHC 6.12

Simon Marlow marlowsd at
Wed Jul 1 05:02:57 EDT 2009

On 30/06/2009 09:38, Malcolm Wallace wrote:
> Simon Marlow<marlowsd at>  wrote:
>>> 6.12 ...  Are there any
>>> particular release-cycle deadlines for that
>> We'd need the changes in GHC *and* Haddock in time for GHC 6.12.1,
>> since  the two are shipped together, and we need Haddock working to
>> build the  6.12.1 library docs.  I think it's doable, though.
> GHC usually tries to ship a major new release every year, around ICFP
> time.  The conference is rather earlier this yes than most years, so is
> the ghc release schedule for 6.12.1 time-advanced as well?

We haven't fixed a date, but I imagine we'll try to release in 
September, October at the latest.


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