ANN: leapseconds-announced-2009

Ashley Yakeley ashley at
Sun Jan 18 00:00:46 EST 2009

Bjorn Buckwalter wrote:
> leapseconds-announced is a pragmatic, if imperfect, improvement over
> my past practices. It provides a LeapSecondTable with all leap seconds
> announced to date (hence the name). Once the IERS announces[3] another
> leap second the package will need an update and all code using it a
> recompile. While this precludes its use in long-running production
> applications it is eminently adequate for my one-off uses or for
> applications that can afford to recompile infrequently.

You should consider using the tz database, which provides a leap-seconds 
table in the "right/UTC" timezone (and much other useful information).

Ashley Yakeley

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