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#1: unpackFamily on Windows fails match
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 Initially reported here: http://hackage.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/2250


 In the HostEntry returned by Network.BSD.getHostByName, evaluating the
 hostFamily field causes the following error, which is pointing at the
 unpackFamily function:

 *** Exception: Network/Socket.hsc:(1711,17)-(1777,13): Non-exhaustive
 patterns in case

 This occurs with 6.8.2 and 6.9.20080323 i386. The machine is running
 Windows Server 2008 x64.


 I modified Network/BSD.hs to trace out the h_addrtype variable in Storable
 `HostEntry`'s peek, and it had the value 0x40002. The corresponding
 variable in the C struct should be a short, but is inferred to be CInt in
 the Haskell source, probably thanks to unpackFamily having type CInt ->
 Family. Due to that, it reads the family as an int, consuming the
 following length field as well.

 I hacked past this by giving the peek of h_addrtype an annotation of "::
 IO CShort" and adding a fromIntegral at the call to unpackFamily to
 convert it to the CInt that the unpackFamily function expects.


 Great stuff, thanks! It looks like it should be `CSaFamily` rather than
 `CInt`. Likewise `packFamily`, and I expect the whole library could do
 with an audit.


 I can reproduce the exact bug on the following combinations:

 - GHC 6.8.2, x86, Windows XP - GHC 6.8.3, x86, Windows XP - GHC 6.8.2,
 x86, Windows Vista - GHC 6.8.3, x86, Windows Vista - GHC 6.8.2, x64,
 Windows Vista - GHC 6.8.3, x64, Windows Vista

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