Recommendations for module hierarchy names for Python parser

Bernie Pope bjpop at
Fri Jan 16 05:53:42 EST 2009

Hi all,

I've written a parser for Python 3.0 using Happy and Alex and I want  
to make it available as a library.

I'd like some feedback on choosing the right module hierarchy names.

I guess it is fairly clear that it should go in: Language

The following document already has space for Language.Python:

The nub of my question is really what to do about version numbers of  

Currently my parser only supports Python 3.0. In the near future I  
will also support an earlier version from the 2 series.

In case you don't know Python, version 3.0 is the latest version,  
which was released late 2008. It is not backwards compatible with  
earlier versions. I think it would be difficult, and probably a bad  
idea to try to merge a parser for Python 3.0 with a parser for an  
earlier version.

I don't think I should use: Language.Python, since it is not clear  
which version of Python it is.

Would it be better to have:

   Language.Python30 -- for version 3.0

and say:

   Language.Python26  -- for version 2.6

Or would it be better to have something like:


In general my strategy has been to follow the structure of Language.C,  
but they appear to only have one version.


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