Proposal for Data.List.splitBy

Marcus D. Gabriel marcus at
Sun Jan 4 17:59:51 EST 2009

Henning Thielemann wrote:
> On Sun, 4 Jan 2009, Marcus D. Gabriel wrote:
>> We seem to have not added any splitters such as splitBy or split to
>> Data.List despite the discussions.  Here is yet another perspective
>> with the hope that it will make it.
> I assumed that the discussion was resolved by

I did not have that impression.

I saw, read, and played with this package, but some how I just thought
that it
was a shame that in 98 one did not continue just a little bit farther beyond
span and break in the the List module and make splitBy and split, at least.
These two with something to handle "\r\n" would do much for the simple
cases.  After this, give up and use a bigger hammer such as Alex,
Parsec, etc.

Maybe the correct stopping point is break and span whereupon you find a
package at the correct level for what you need.  But my feeling is that if
splitBy and split had been in all along, they would have been useful, and
the next step would be other modules and packages as we have.

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