Proposal for Max/Min Monoids Trac ticket 3036

Isaac Dupree ml at
Sun Feb 22 17:15:05 EST 2009

Aaron Denney wrote:
> Borrowing from topology, "completion", or "compactified" suggest
> themselves, but I don't think they're clear enough in this context.
> WithBounds, BoundsAdded, or Bounded seem clear enough.  I personally
> am not too concerned with the overlap with the Bounded typeclass.  In
> fact, I think that agreeing is a nice concurrence of terminology.

I think "Bounded" is outright misleading here.  It *adds* an upper bound and a 
lower bound, even if they already exist.

Bounded Integer -- well, okay
Bounded Int -- hey, Int is already bounded, but this adds more bounds.
or for a type that's conceptually more bounded to start with,
Bounded Natural -- MinBound then is not 0, it's less than 0.
Bounded (Bounded X) -- adds two layers of bounds; it's not idempotent.


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