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Date: 2009/2/19
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#3036: Max/Min Monoids
Reporter:  whpearson         |          Owner:
   Type:  proposal          |         Status:  new
Priority:  normal            |      Component:  libraries/base
 Version:  6.10.1            |       Severity:  normal
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     Os:  Unknown/Multiple  |   Architecture:  Unknown/Multiple
 A small patch to Data.Monoid to give Max a and Min a monoids for (Ord a,
 Bounded a) = > a. Very similar to Sum and Product.

 Some alternatives here for unbounded Max/Mins

 My current preferred one is to not to bother and perhaps put
 Data.AddBounds in the main branch and people can wrap Integers in that if
 they want. It seems conceptually purer.

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