Proposal for Data.List.splitBy

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Tue Feb 10 05:31:31 EST 2009

Marcus D. Gabriel wrote:
> By the way, out or curiosity, how would you generalize your current
> function replace?

I would define:

  replaceBy :: ([a] -> ([b], [a])) -> [a] -> [b]
  replaceBy splt l = case l of
    [] -> []
    _ -> let (ft, rt) = splt l in
      ft ++ replaceBy splt rt

The first argument is a kind of splitting function that expects a
non-empty input list to cut of a first part and change this part to the
a replacement list of type [b]. The second part must be the rest of the
input to be processed.

The original replace function can then be defined via:

  replace :: Eq a => [a] -> a -> [a] -> [a]
  replace sl@(_ : _) r = replaceBy $ \ l@(hd : tl) ->
    case stripPrefix sl l of
      Nothing -> ([hd], tl)
      Just rt -> ([r], rt)

Other replacements are also possible, i.e.

  replaceDelim :: ([a] -> ([a], [a])) -> [a] -> [Either [a] a]
  replaceDelim splt = replaceBy $ \ l@(hd : tl) ->
    let (ft, rt) = splt l in
    if null ft then ([Right hd], tl) else ([Left ft], rt)

For replaceDelim consider an input function like "span isSpace". A
sequence of spaces is grouped to a "Left String", whereas other
characters become "Right". The resulting list is suitable for my
original splitBy function yielding a list of type "[[Either [a] a]]".
This result can be further flattened to [[a]] (by the function
flatEitherSplits below).

  splitByDelim :: ([a] -> ([a], [a])) -> [a] -> [[a]]
  splitByDelim split =
    . splitBy (either (const True) (const False))
    . replaceDelim split

As a concrete example consider:

  splitBySpaces :: String -> [String]
  splitBySpaces = splitByDelim (span isSpace)

  splitBySpaces "ab  c   def"
    == ["ab","  ","c","   ","def"]

For the sake of completeness I add the definition of flatEitherSplits
that exploits the result structure of splitBy and uses auxiliary functions:

  flatRight :: [Either [a] a] -> [a]
  flatRight = map (either (error "flatRight") id)

  flatEither :: [Either [a] a] -> [[a]]
  flatEither (Left d : rt) = d : [flatRight rt]

  flatEitherSplits :: [[Either [a] a]] -> [[a]]
  flatEitherSplits (h : tl) =
    flatRight h : concatMap flatEither tl

Cheers Christian


>> For the general case take my unintercalate below:
>>   splitOnAList sl = intercalate [sl] . map (: []) . unintercalate sl

By the way, this can be expressed simpler:

  splitOnAList sl = intersperse sl . unintercalate sl

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