ANN: time-extras 1.1.4

Malcolm Wallace malcolm.wallace at
Tue Dec 29 06:03:02 EST 2009

> I don't think we can say that we must restrict ourselves to the  
> Haskell
> 2010 language extensions when the base package is using Rank2Types in
> its public API.

... and this is one of the great flaws of the base package.

Because of such non-standard extensions, the 'base' package API is  
_not_ universally available across all compilers.  I strongly believe  
that 'base' is a misnomer, and we should consider hiding 'base'  
altogether, and creating a 'real-base' package that is (a) compliant  
to the language standards, (b) contains no compiler-specific modules  
or functions.


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