ANN: time-extras 1.1.4

Yitzchak Gale gale at
Mon Dec 28 08:08:33 EST 2009

I wrote:
>>> It may be a bit late, but in my opinion you might consider changing the
>>> package name for future versions.

Ashley Yakeley wrote:
>> It really means "stuff that ought to be in time, but can't be due to
>> language compatibility reasons". The time-extras package should probably
>> be in the Haskell Platform, and it may eventually get merged into the
>> time package.

Lennart Augustsson wrote:
> Data instances are not just there for syb...
> I think they should be derived wherever possible.
> Using them is a different matter; I think they should be used
> sparingly.  But when you need them, they are very useful.

OK, thanks Ashley and Lennart for the explanations.

Still - something more descriptive of the content, like
time-generic or time-reflection or time-data-instances,
might have been more informative. Hackage is quickly
becoming an unnavigable tangled jungle.


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