proposal for updates in next major HP release

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Fri Aug 14 11:46:48 EDT 2009


>>> It would be nice if the packages in the Haskell Platform met some
>>> minimum standards for documentation.
>> Shrinking is explained in the original QC papers -- it is a killer
>> feature that we somehow lived without.

QuickCheck 2 is an amazing piece of work. My experience is that it
finds bugs in properties that QuickCheck could never find
counter-examples for. Shrinking is also fantastic. However, the change
from QuickCheck 1.x to QuickCheck 2.x is a big one - it's probably of
the same magnitude as haskell-src to haskell-src-exts, just with a
coincidence of using the same package name. At the same time I
couldn't figure out how to QuickCheck IO properties so just used
unsafePerformIO - I think the pieces are there but the documentation

I'm not sure if QuickCheck 2 is right to go in the HP at this
particular moment - but I know I'm never using QuickCheck 1 again.

Thanks, Neil

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