Thinking about what's missing in our library coverage

Jeremy O'Donoghue jeremy.odonoghue at
Tue Aug 4 10:13:16 EDT 2009

2009/8/4 Malcolm Wallace <malcolm.wallace at>:
>> As far as I'm aware, gtk2hs is the only plausible option for serious GUI
>> development in Haskell at the moment.
> I have used both wxHaskell and gtk2hs, and they are both perfectly easy to
> install, and both are entirely adequate for serious GUI development.  Just
> wanted to clear up any fear, uncertainty, or doubt about wx.

Disclaimer: I'm a wxHaskell maintainer.

Thanks for the vote, Malcolm. I use wxHaskell in some fairly extensive
GUI developments, and it's stable and functional.

On a more serious note (and one which applies equally to wxHaskell,
BTW), I think the Haskell Platform should consistently use a single
license, as to do otherwise heavily complicates matters for the user.

I believe that most/all of the libraries in today's platform are BSD (or
other very liberal license). Gtk2Hs brings LGPL into the mix, and
wxHaskell would, similarly, bring the wxWidgets license (LGPL with
binary exception, basically) into the mix.

As a Haskell Platform user, I really need the assurance that the
licensing situation is straightforward - especially if I'm to promote
Haskell at work  :-)

My vote would be that non-BSD/MIT license automatically excludes a
library from inclusion, even though it would exclude my own project.


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