Thinking about what's missing in our library coverage

Gwern Branwen gwern0 at
Tue Aug 4 07:07:40 EDT 2009

On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 7:02 AM, Simon Marlow<marlowsd at> wrote:
> Add
>  * binary
>  * getopt
>  * gtk2hs

A definite yes to binary and getopt; but gtk2hs? I don't trust its longevity or maintenance, and as other people have pointed out, it will make the platform harder to support. As well, we risk holding back the platform - hasn't gtk2hs lagged GHC releases in the past? (I seem to remember some of the lags being quite lengthy.)

> Also
>  * keep an eye on text.  We certainly want it, but it's
>   a young package and there's no text I/O yet.
>  * decide which regex package(s) we want
>  * remove html? (we have xhtml)
>  * replace haskell-src with haskell-src-exts
>  * remove packedstring

Absolutely. I thought we had already done this - didn't TH's unnecessary use of packedstring get removed a while ago?

> Cheers,
>        Simon

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