Failure to install time package

Lennart Augustsson lennart at
Mon Apr 13 12:30:57 EDT 2009

As Ganesh said, you can't rely on executing any kind of Unix command
or any kind of shell scripts.  Nor can you assume to have any
compiler, except ghc.
For LLVM I simply captured the configuration using MinGW, and then
made a custom build step that uses this information.

What you really, really want for windows is a binary install.  It's a
great shame the time package was not included in ghc 6.10.2 (since it
was included in earlier compiler distributions).  This broke things
for Windows users.

On Mon, Apr 13, 2009 at 4:24 PM, Sittampalam, Ganesh
<ganesh.sittampalam at> wrote:
> Ashley Yakeley wrote:
>> Neil Mitchell wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I have raised a ticket for this bug report:
>>> I consider this issue quite serious for Windows users. Time is an
>>> important library, Windows is an important platform, GHC is an
>>> important compiler - together we end up with a fairly important
>>> problem.
>> Unfortunately I don't have GHC set up for this particular platform.
>> If you or anyone with a non-Cygwin Windows GHC installation could
>> investigate this, that would be very helpful. If autotools aren't
>> appropriate for such an environment, it's going to need another build
>> system specific to that platform.
> Configure scripts just don't work in that environment, so there's not
> much to investigate - either an alternative build system will have to be
> found, or perhaps the output of configure can be pre-generated for this
> platform?
> Ganesh
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