New maintainer, Darcs repository and Trac for the network library

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at
Sun Apr 5 04:15:39 EDT 2009


I've taken over the maintainer role for the network library and per
Ian's suggestion I've moved the project to As a
result the Darcs repository and the Trac instance have moved. Here are
the new locations:

Darcs repository:


Ian and I have migrated most of the active tickets to the new Trac.
Please submit bug reports using the above Trac instance instead of the
one used for GHC.

Discussions about API changes will be conducted on the this mailing
list using the same process [1] as before. I'm still not an expert on
all parts of the code and I expect that resolving tickets will
continue to be a community effort. However, I will be the person the
reviewing changes and making (most of) the releases.




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