HOC Packaging

Jeff Wheeler jeff at nokrev.com
Sun Sep 21 11:14:35 EDT 2008


I've frequently been frustrated by HOC (Haskell Objective-C bindings),  
and I wonder if it is possible to cabalize it into the few packages  
(HOC, HOC-*) and put it on Hackage.

It seems this is not done now so that the bindings can exactly match  
the interfaces on the system to which it is installed, which makes  
sense. However, it seems like on most all the systems (standard, up-to- 
date OS X machines), these interfaces are identical and do not need to  
be manually recreated by each individual on their own machine.

Is it not possible to upload the packages for the latest OS X, and  
merely update it on *.0 releases?

Jeff Wheeler

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