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Mon Sep 15 08:04:06 EDT 2008


A few weeks back, we had a lively debate about what version control
system to use for GHC.  In the light of that discussion we promised a
revised proposal.  This is it.  (We also promised a proposal about the
build system: the final version is here:

Constructive comments welcomed!


                GHC Version Control proposal: Sept 2008

* We still want to move from Darcs to Git for GHC itself.  The recent
  flurry of work on Darcs is very encouraging, but GHC is a
  particularly high-end client, and taking a direct dependency leads
  to stress at both ends.

* We do not plan to change before the 6.10 release. Doing so would be
  destabilising at a time when we are trying to stabilise; and we need
  to devote all our active cycles to getting 6.10 out.  Yes, that
  means it'll be more painful to move patches from the (Git) HEAD to
  the (Darcs) 6.10 branch, but we'll put up with that.  We'll delay
  the change until the 6.10 branch seems to have settled down; i.e.
  roughly 6.10.2.

* A very desirable goal is that it be possible to build GHC with only
  Git, rather than requiring every developer to actively use both Darcs
  and Git.  But, many of the libraries are maintained by others (notably
  Cabal) who, for good reasons, do not want to move.

In what follows the "Boot Libraries" are the ones required to build GHC.

* So we propose the following:
   - The GHC repo will be in Git

   - Each Boot Library will
        (a) either be mastered in Git, with a read-only Darcs mirror
        (b) or be mastered in Darcs, with a read-only Git mirror
      (c) or be mastered in Darcs, with an occasional, manual
           process to copy a snapshot of the library from Darcs
           into GHC's Git repo.  (Those Git files should be
           considered read-only.)

   - That means that if we want to modify a Darcs-mastered library
     we'll have to get the Darcs version, make the patch, test it,
     push it, and then the Git mirror will be right.  Inconvenient,
     but we can live with that.  We might even arrange it to be possible
     for super-developers to use the Darcs repo (rather than the mirror)
     direct from their tree.  Ordinary developers can continue to be

   - The same issue will arise for other people who want to modify a
     Git-mastered package.

   - Which is which will be decided on a case-by-case basis.  The main
     criterion is: is GHC a passive client of the library, which is
     maintained by someone else (e.g. Cabal, containers), or is the
     library intimately coupled with GHC's inner workings
     (e.g. template-haskell)?

     If in doubt we should resolve ties in favour of darcs; we can always
     change our minds later, but changing and then changing back
     would be silly.

* Our specific proposals for the master VCS for each boot library are:
    hsc2hs                          darcs
    haddock2                        either: up to David Waern
    packages/array                  git
    packages/base                   git
    packages/base3-compat           git
    packages/bytestring             darcs
    packages/Cabal                  darcs
    packages/containers             darcs
    packages/directory              darcs
    packages/editline               darcs
    packages/filepath               darcs
    packages/ghc-prim               git
    packages/haskell98              darcs
    packages/hpc                    either: up to Andy Gill
    packages/integer-gmp            git
    packages/old-locale             darcs
    packages/old-time               darcs
    packages/packedstring           darcs
    packages/pretty                 darcs
    packages/process                git
    packages/random                 darcs
    packages/syb                    either: up to Utrecht
    packages/template-haskell       git
    packages/unix                   git
    packages/Win32                  git

* Of these, probably the only contentious one is 'base', which is both
  very tightly coupled to GHC, but also used by nhc and Hugs.  We
  humbly beg indulgence from Malcolm and Ross, and hope that the Darcs
  mirror be acceptable.  They have kindly offered such indulgence!

* array, process, unix, Win32 are also somewhat less obvious, but they
  are quite intimately connected to GHC

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