IntSet.findMax generates garbage

Scott Dillard sedillard at
Thu May 22 14:15:16 EDT 2008


I noticed IntSet.findMax is defined (more or less) as "fst . maxView",
but maxView allocates thunks on its way down to the max leaf, only to
have findMax throw them away. Same for IntMap. I wrote a patch to fix
this. I didn't test it for speed (couldn't think of a good test. I did
test for correctness.) However, I looked at the core and the old
version did indeed have "let"s in the loop. The new version does not.
Also I changed the API a bit. Previously, IntMap.findMin only returned
the bound value, not the key. Data.Map returns the pair, so I changed
IntMap to do the same. (This seems like common sense to me.)

Patch is attached. Can you tell I'm using this library a lot lately?

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