IntMap intersectionWith type is too restrictive

Don Stewart dons at
Fri May 16 13:28:10 EDT 2008

> Hi,
> This is a simple bug report, more or less. The type of
> Data.IntMap.intersectionWith is too restrictive. Presently (GHC 8.2,
> it's declared as
> (a->b->a) -> IntMap a -> IntMap b -> IntMap a, but if you just remove
> the type declarations it's inferred as (a->b->c) -> IntMap a -> IntMap
> b -> IntMap c. Similarly for intersectionWithKey. The more general
> a->b->c type is also the type of Data.Map.intersectionWith, and it's
> quite useful, such as (intersectionWith (,))

Can you submit a patch? This kind of thing comes up occasionally,
and generalising the type is often safe and easy.

-- Don

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