Proposal: overhaul System.Process

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Fri May 16 09:34:48 EDT 2008


>  - made it work on Windows, and the patch passes GHC's validate
>    on both Windows and Linux.
> Reminder: the deadline for discussion is 20 May (5 days).

Fully support. I think it could benefit from a slight clarification to
the documentation in createProcess, to help pattern-match safety

(aStdin,aStdout,aStderr,d) <- createProcess cp
isJust aStdin == (std_in == CreatePipe)

(and ditto for the out and err)

I have talked to Simon on IRC, and he said he'll add some kind of
clarification on this issue.

I am looking forward to using this library! All we need now is a
decent HTTP library...



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