GetOpt bug causing it to mistakenly reject options as ambiguous

Don Stewart dons at
Fri Mar 21 21:49:54 EDT 2008

> Eelis van der Weegen wrote:
> > There is a bug in System.Console.GetOpt causing
> > it to mistakenly reject options as ambiguous.
> Two weeks have passed since I reported this,
> with no response thus far. Does nobody care about
> fixing an easily reproducable, easily fixable
> bug?
> If so, would it not be more appropriate if the
> "Maintainer" field in the GetOpt Haddock docs
> said "N/A" instead of "libraries at"?

The issue is that it needs to be entered into the bug tracker,
then the base libraries maintainer will take care of it.

Could you file a ticket, with your patch, here:

Then Igloo can apply it, and close the ticket. It won't get lost, and
authority will be properly delegated.

Thanks for the contribution!

-- Don

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