ANN: Takusen 0.8.1

Alistair Bayley alistair at
Fri Mar 21 05:09:05 EDT 2008

This is a fairly minor bugfix release. although there are some API
changes. Mainly, we've re-exported a lot of the types from
Database.InternalEnumerator in Database.Enumerator. This will
hopefully address a common complaint that it's impossible to always
write type sigs for functions doing database stuff.

We've also tidied up some of the exports; there was stuff exposed that
shouldn't have been.

There's an outstanding bug involving datetime parameter marshaling in
ODBC, which I have not had time to resolve (parameters after the
datetime parameter get mangled somehow). I will be on holiday for a
few weeks, so this will not be addressed by me for some time. Caveat
user. The test suite highlights it, should someone else feel
sufficiently motivated; I've been testing against PostgreSQL.


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