Cabal's configure doesn't notice missing headers

Valery V. Vorotyntsev valery.vv at
Mon Mar 17 17:23:58 EDT 2008


while installing zlib[1] from hackage, I've discovered possible Cabal's

There was no `zlib.h' in my system. runhaskell Setup configure went fine, with
no complaints. It was only during build step when missing header had been
noticed and an error reported.
apt-get install zlib1g-dev; and zlib cabal package installation
succeeded, but...

Closer to my question. `zlib.h' _is_ mentioned in zlib.cabal:
  includes:  zlib.h
According to documentation[2], `includes' "field applies to both header files
that are already installed on the system and to those coming with the package
to be isntalled." [NB the typo]

I think that Cabal should complain of missing headers during configuration step.
At least of the ones explicitly mentioned in `includes:' field.



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