hscolour -anchor via cabal ?

Don Stewart dons at galois.com
Sun Mar 2 20:10:10 EST 2008

> On Sun, 2008-03-02 at 12:06 -0800, Conal Elliott wrote:
> > Is there a way to get cabal to tell hscolour to add anchors for
> > top-level defs (hscolour's -anchor option)?
> >From a quick look at the code it looks like Cabal always passes the
> "-anchor" option to HsColour. Do you have a test case where that's not
> working? Run with -v to see how Cabal is calling HsColour.

Btw, something that just occured to me: hscolour is GPL'd -- do we ever
link against it as a library? Or are we careful to only call the binary?

-- Don

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