GetOpt formatting improvements

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Sun Jun 29 18:28:54 EDT 2008


>      1. word-wrap the description to fit in 80 columns

(+1). 70 and 80 are defensible, anything else seems a bit of a weird
choice for line length...

>      2. use less padding between columns

(+0.8) - given its in columns the spacing is not that necessary, but
still slightly nice. Overall, I'd use less padding but don't think the
decision is as clear cut (but I still supported it)

>      3. omit the args on short options when there is also a
>         corresponding long option

(+1) I recently modified Hoogle to do this, its much more readable,
and stops duplicating useless information. The only people who this
may confuse are people with less experience, but they should probably
use the long options anyway, so it isn't an issue.

So agree with all changes.



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