Package spam :-)

Neil Mitchell ndmitchell at
Tue Jun 24 14:01:26 EDT 2008


>  > Yes. I agree. It's not even necessarily the author themselves that would
>  > necessarily mark a package as obsolete or without maintainers or
>  > whatever.
> On a slightly related note, I would be more likely to fix my broken
>  packages on hackageDB, if hackageDB automatically sent me an
>  email when a package breaks.

Me too! Or when new warnings get added to the hackage system which
would cause a warning on a new upload, or when haddock or GHC fails to
build the package.

York University has a particularly effective way of ensuring everyone
uses valid HTML, by sending an email once a week if there is any
invalid HTML. Perhaps this would be going too far, but alerting
maintainers to the problems would be handy.



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