Generic tries (long)

Adrian Hey ahey at
Fri Jun 20 10:52:21 EDT 2008

Ian Lynagh wrote:
> I agree that using Int# is a bad idea. It makes the package unportable,
> and it forces all the packages that implement the class to write code
> using Int#.

As they should IMO :-) I wish this wasn't necessary, but my experience
in the past tells me it is. ghc's optimisations seem too fragile to rely
on for this.

BTW, it's actually controlled by cpp macros, so the unboxed versions are
ghc only. Unfortunately you can't tell this from the Haddock because
Haddock doesn't understand cpp.

But in this case it scarcely matters as it will be making use of type
families which are a only going to supported by ghc anyway for the
forseable future AFAIK.

Adrina Hey

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