Cabal-1.4: library-dirs and include-dirs missing from package description after install

Duncan Coutts duncan.coutts at
Thu Jun 19 15:15:27 EDT 2008

On Tue, 2008-06-17 at 11:50 +0100, Alistair Bayley wrote:

> I've pushed the current Setup and .cabal to our repo. You can say:
>   darcs get
> Then do this:
>   ghc --make Setup
>   setup configure -fodbc -fsqlite -fpostgres
>     (note that you need to have these backends on your path; perhaps
> just -fodbc -fsqlite for you?)
>   setup register --gen-pkg-config
> I've just done this. Takusen.buildinfo contains:
> extra-libraries: odbc32 pq sqlite3
> extra-lib-dirs: "C:\\Program Files\\sqlite3\\"
>                 C:/PROGRA~1/POSTGR~1/8.1/lib
> includes:
> install-includes:
> include-dirs: "C:\\Program Files\\sqlite3\\"
>               C:/PROGRA~1/POSTGR~1/8.1/include
>               C:/PROGRA~1/POSTGR~1/8.1/include/server

Ok, so the issue is that only the autoconfUserHooks looks for .buildinfo
files. The assumption was that configure scripts would want to write
a .buildinfo file while Setup.hs scripts can do it directly without
needing to go via any file.

However the UserHooks api doesn't make it all that convenient to return
an adjusted BuildInfo record. There is:

    preConf  :: Args -> ConfigFlags -> IO HookedBuildInfo,

which looks like what you want, but because it runs before configure it
doesn't give you access to all the stuff that the configure step does
(all the stuff in LocalBuildInfo).

So probably the easiest thing to do is to use the autoconfUserHooks
anyway and make sure you override postConf otherwise it'll try to find
a ./configure script to run.

The reason I couldn't reproduce it before of course is that I was making
assumptions about what you were doing and using autoconfUserHooks :-)


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