#2391 Network.listenOn (PortNumber n) Sometimes Picks IPv6

Curt Sampson cjs at starling-software.com
Mon Jul 21 01:02:46 EDT 2008

So this has been sitting around for a bit:


And I'm sort of hoping we can get it resolved soon so that a fixed
version is included in GHC 6.10.

My basic thoughts are:

1. Listening on both IPV4 and IPV6, if I recall correctly,
introduces all sorts of interesting problems, and basically, you
don't want to go there. Or am I wrong about that?

2. We should default to IPv4 if someone uses the current interface, as
that's what most people will be expecting, as that's the Linux (and
probably Windows) behvaiour.

3. Given this, we should add a separate "PortNumber6 Int" value
constructor that informs listenOn to use IPv6 instead of IPv4, so that
people can use IPv6 with the simple interface.


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