Cabal Help

Dominic Steinitz dominic.steinitz at
Tue Jul 8 01:01:09 EDT 2008

With the exception of the use of c2hs, this is almost as simple as it
gets. Can someone tell me why cabal can't find IP_ICMP.chs and better
still what I need to do to get cabal to build this?

Thanks, Dominic.

> dom at lagrange:~/networktools/ping_0> ./Setup build
> Preprocessing executables for Ping-0.0...
> Setup: can't find source for IP_ICMP.chs in ., dist/build/autogen

> dom at lagrange:~/networktools/ping_0> more ping.cabal
> Name:           Ping
> Version:        0.0
> License:        BSD3
> Author:         Dominic Steinitz
> Synopsis:       The Haskell equivalent of ping
> Build-type:     Simple
> Executable:     ping
> Main-Is:        test.hs
> Other-modules:  IP_ICMP.chs
> Extensions:     MultiParamTypeClasses

> dom at lagrange:~/networktools/ping_0> ls
> _darcs  dist  gpl.txt  IP_ICMP.chs  ip_icmp.h  Makefile  ping.cabal  ping.cabal~  Setup  Setup.hi  Setup.hs  Setup.o  test.hs

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