Proposal: Extensible exceptions

Don Stewart dons at
Mon Jul 7 17:48:39 EDT 2008

> Hi Ian,
> Could you upload a package to hackage with the implementation of the
> new exception library, with module names that are separate from the
> current version?  This would be very useful because:
> (i) It would give us a chance to try it out, which would help us give
> you more meaningful feedback,
> (ii) We can see how much code needs to be changed in our current projects,
> (iii) It will provide us with a smoother path to transition between
> the two libraries, allowing us to port our projects one at a time
> without any breackage.
> Otherwise, the trac description seems OK, although if most of the time
> "catch" needs to be replaced by "catchAny", then perhaps we should
> simply call it "catch"?

Seconded. Ian, could you put a working  Control.Exception.Extensible or
some such on hackage, so we could get some experience with it?

-- Don

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