Cabal cheers and some feature requests

Benjamin Franksen benjamin.franksen at
Wed Jul 2 11:02:52 EDT 2008

First: Three big cheers to Duncan for his excellent work on cabal,
especially the new cabal-install.

One feature I think would be uncontroversial is for cabal install to try to
build haddock API docs and hscolour'ed sources. Momentarily, I still have
to download (or darcs get) the package, unpack and cd into it, and then do

cabal configure
cabal hscolour
cabal haddock
cabal install --prefix=my_prefix

to have the docs installed, too.

Maybe add switches --with-haddock and --with-hscolour to cabal install

(BTW: what is the trick to get the "source" links into the haddock docs? I
remember there was one package I installed where this worked out of the box
but I can't find it at the moment.)

Another wish on my list is to be able to set defaults for cabal options in
my $(HOME)/.cabal/config.


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