Integrating editline with ghc

Christian Maeder Christian.Maeder at
Tue Jan 22 10:55:58 EST 2008

Malcolm Wallace wrote:
> I think I am persuaded that this is the most important goal: stability
> of the API and package interface, for existing clients of readline.  If
> individual projects would like to migrate from using readline to using
> editline, then those are the ones that should pay the small amount of
> pain (in using CPP, package configurations, etc) to manage the change.
> Anyone else should be totally unaffected.

I would like to know from package maintainers if there packages can be
easily ported from libreadline to libedit.

The best indication for this would be if the package is also happy with
a restricted interface of readline (i.e. readline-compat) or requires
the full GNU readline.

At least testing this compatibility makes sense using a readline package
with a temporarily reduced interface (without the need to change the
packages depending on readline.)


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