Proposal: hands off the base! :)

Don Stewart dons at
Thu Jan 17 14:15:42 EST 2008

> i make a contra-proposal - fix base library in 6.8 state and add to
> ghc distribution new libs with all the popular Monad, List and any
> other functions. this will allow:
> 2) if we want to improve some base code, we *duplicate* it into new
> lib (with modified module names), publish first version of this
> libarry with exactly original code (and therefore equivalent
> interfaces) and then start to improve it, publishing newer and newer
> versions. imagine, for example, that we want to improve Data.Array.*:
> step 1: create library NewArray with modules Data.NewArray.* copied
> one-to-one from Data.Array.* and publish it as version 1

Data.Array is in the external 'array' package now.

-- Don

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