Proposal: Add --with-libedit flag to the readline package

Yitzchak Gale gale at
Sat Jan 12 12:17:26 EST 2008

Judah Jacobson wrote:
> OK, you both have convinced me.  I'll get to work on an editline
> library.


> - To start with, provide one module, System.Console.Editline.Readline.
>  That module will be mostly a cut-and-paste of all the functions from
> System.Console.Readline which are supported by editline (version 5.1,
> as distributed on OS X 10.4).
> - In the future, we can provide System.Console.Editline which provides
> the non-readline APIs.

I would prefer if you call it System.Console.Editline to begin with,
even if it doesn't support the full API yet, so we can already
start migrating our code.

If you want, you can also include System.Console.Editline.Readline
to provide some Readline-compatible wrappers for the new API
where possible. That might help some people with backward
compatibility. But for me that is a lower priority.


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