Announcement: Typeful [x]html combinators -- pre-release 0

Ketil Malde ketil+haskell at
Wed Jan 9 14:52:35 EST 2008

Mattias Bengtsson <moonlite at> writes:

> Making a program for generating ADT's and combinators from XML schemas
> to provide type safe XML is something i'd very much like to do someday.
> One thing i'm uncertain of is whether supporting namespaces would be a
> problem or not. It would be a shame to have a bunch of generated
> XML-standards in Haskell that can't be used together (ie. embedding
> MathML or SVG in XHTML).

How /can/ one check validity of namespace-using XML?  Do you have a
separate DTD (or Schema, if you think DTDs are too easy to read) for
each namespace?  If so, how do you specify where foreign namespaces
are legal?  If the top-level DTD specifies -- and thus needs to know,
in advance, the details about -- the sub-namespaces, then what's the
point of namespaces at all? 

I'm confused.

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