[GHC] #974: Add unzipEithers, lefts, rights to Data.Either

roconnor at theorem.ca roconnor at theorem.ca
Thu Feb 21 15:28:55 EST 2008

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008, roconnor at theorem.ca wrote:

> partitionEithers - This is (I believe) the most popular (or least 
> controversial) name.  The output of our function has similar properties to 
> the output of partition. The only objection possible objection is that 
> partitionEithers perhaps should have type (a -> Either b c) -> [a] -> 
> ([b],[c]), ie. partitonEithers should take a function as a parameter. The 
> response to this objection by saying that the extra `Eithers' in the name 
> fills the place of the predicate/function. Also the function of type (a -> 
> Either b c) -> [a] -> ([b],[c]) is less widely used that the function we are 
> trying to name in this trac.

If there are no further comments before March 7th, We shall declare that 
parititonEithers, lefts, and rights, shall be added to Data.Eithers.


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