Pretty class as alternative for Show class

Johannes Waldmann waldmann at
Wed Feb 13 02:42:48 EST 2008

Henning Thielemann wrote:

>  The Show class converts to String, the Pretty class could convert to a
> pretty printer data type like Doc. [...]

Ah yes, I use this since a long time

class ToDoc a where
    toDoc :: a -> Doc
    toDoc = toDocPrec 0 -- useful?
    toDocPrec :: Int -> a -> Doc

I generally make even this output re-readable,
and I'm reading is via Parsec:

class Reader a where
      readerPrec :: Int -> Parser a

and I also have the obvious DrIFT rules
that can generate standard instances for most types.

I will happily contribute this code to whatever Pretty class emerges.
(Well, it's free, so I'd have no way to not contribute it ...)

best regards, Johannes.

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