ANNOUNCE: multiset 0.1

Twan van Laarhoven twanvl at
Thu Feb 7 13:39:31 EST 2008

Christian Maeder wrote:
> There used to be Daan's DData
> How does your implementation relate to his (MultiSet and IntBag)?
> (partial reuse or duplication, differences)

I got many ideas of the interface from there. The implementation is really just 
a very thin wrapper around Data.(Int)Map. To implement the modules I copied 
Data.Set, and rewrote each function and adjusted the documentation here and 
there (changing set to multiset, etc.). The implementation is mostly straight 
forward. A random example:

   findMin = fst . Map.findMin . unMS

The difference with Daan's MultiSet is that mine is more 'modern', it has the 
same interface of Data.Set. This means some minor differences (e.g. 'singleton' 
instead of 'single') and some additional functions such as maxView. DData's 
multiset also lacks Ord, Data and Typeable instances.


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