lambdabot setup

Valery V. Vorotyntsev valery.vv at
Tue Feb 5 12:02:48 EST 2008

Dear, lazy programmers,

Please let me know the proper place to report lambdabot bugs,
and feel free to ignore the rest of message.

Are you still reading? In this case you may want to know that
*** I've successfully installed lambdabot with GHC 6.9! :) ***
Kudos to Cale & the IRC crowd for making my day

Boring part:

  $ darcs get
  $ cd lambdabot
  $ runhaskell Setup configure --prefix=$HOME --user
  $ runhaskell Setup build
  $ touch LICENSE  # see the patch attached
  $ runhaskell Setup install

Interesting part:

  $ lambdabot -e 'hoogle map'
  Initialising plugins ...........Plugin.Djinn: couldn't find djinn binary
  ...........................sending message to bogus server:
IrcMessage {msgServer = "freenode", msgLBName = "urk!<outputmessage>",
msgPrefix = "", msgCommand = "NAMES", msgParams = [""]}
  .................. done.
  A Hoogle error occured.
  Exception: all servers detached
  State/seen: openBinaryFile: does not exist (No such file or directory)

  $ hoogle map
  Could not find hoogle database, looked for: hoogle.txt

In order to make `hoogle' binary usable, one should copy `hoogle.txt'
file to "$(dirname $(which hoogle))/" directory:

  $ cp State/hoogle.txt ~/bin/  # FIXME
  $ hoogle map

To my believe, it's a package's responsibility to copy data files to
proper locations (during `runhaskell Setup install' step).

And hoogle _plugin_ still doesn't work though.

  $ lambdabot
  Initialising plugins ...........Plugin.Djinn: couldn't find djinn binary
  ...........................sending message to bogus server:
IrcMessage {msgServer = "freenode", msgLBName = "urk!<outputmessage>",
msgPrefix = "", msgCommand = "NAMES", msgParams = [""]}
  .................. done.
  lambdabot> hoogle map
  A Hoogle error occured.
  lambdabot> lambdabot: user error (<eof>)

  Exception: all servers detached

Thank you.


Tue Feb  5 18:38:55 EET 2008  "Valery V. Vorotyntsev" <valery.vv at>
  * `LICENSE' file added

Tue Feb  5 18:37:12 EET 2008  "Valery V. Vorotyntsev" <valery.vv at>
  * lambdabot.cabal: add `build-type' to make Cabal happy
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New patches:

[lambdabot.cabal: add `build-type' to make Cabal happy
"Valery V. Vorotyntsev" <valery.vv at>**20080205163712] {
hunk ./lambdabot.cabal 19
+build-type:          Simple

[`LICENSE' file added
"Valery V. Vorotyntsev" <valery.vv at>**20080205163855] {
addfile ./LICENSE
hunk ./LICENSE 1
+		       Version 2.1, February 1999
+ Copyright (C) 1991, 1999 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+     59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA
+ Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
+ of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.
+[This is the first released version of the Lesser GPL.  It also counts
+ as the successor of the GNU Library Public License, version 2, hence
+ the version number 2.1.]
+			    Preamble
+  The licenses for most software are designed to take away your
+freedom to share and change it.  By contrast, the GNU General Public
+Licenses are intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change
+free software--to make sure the software is free for all its users.
+  This license, the Lesser General Public License, applies to some
+specially designated software packages--typically libraries--of the
+Free Software Foundation and other authors who decide to use it.  You
+can use it too, but we suggest you first think carefully about whether
+this license or the ordinary General Public License is the better
+strategy to use in any particular case, based on the explanations below.
+  When we speak of free software, we are referring to freedom of use,
+not price.  Our General Public Licenses are designed to make sure that
+you have the freedom to distribute copies of free software (and charge
+for this service if you wish); that you receive source code or can get
+it if you want it; that you can change the software and use pieces of
+it in new free programs; and that you are informed that you can do
+these things.
+  To protect your rights, we need to make restrictions that forbid
+distributors to deny you these rights or to ask you to surrender these
+rights.  These restrictions translate to certain responsibilities for
+you if you distribute copies of the library or if you modify it.
+  For example, if you distribute copies of the library, whether gratis
+or for a fee, you must give the recipients all the rights that we gave
+you.  You must make sure that they, too, receive or can get the source
+code.  If you link other code with the library, you must provide
+complete object files to the recipients, so that they can relink them
+with the library after making changes to the library and recompiling
+it.  And you must show them these terms so they know their rights.
+  We protect your rights with a two-step method: (1) we copyright the
+library, and (2) we offer you this license, which gives you legal
+permission to copy, distribute and/or modify the library.
+  To protect each distributor, we want to make it very clear that
+there is no warranty for the free library.  Also, if the library is
+modified by someone else and passed on, the recipients should know
+that what they have is not the original version, so that the original
+author's reputation will not be affected by problems that might be
+introduced by others.
+  Finally, software patents pose a constant threat to the existence of
+any free program.  We wish to make sure that a company cannot
+effectively restrict the users of a free program by obtaining a
+restrictive license from a patent holder.  Therefore, we insist that
+any patent license obtained for a version of the library must be
+consistent with the full freedom of use specified in this license.
+  Most GNU software, including some libraries, is covered by the
+ordinary GNU General Public License.  This license, the GNU Lesser
+General Public License, applies to certain designated libraries, and
+is quite different from the ordinary General Public License.  We use
+this license for certain libraries in order to permit linking those
+libraries into non-free programs.
+  When a program is linked with a library, whether statically or using
+a shared library, the combination of the two is legally speaking a
+combined work, a derivative of the original library.  The ordinary
+General Public License therefore permits such linking only if the
+entire combination fits its criteria of freedom.  The Lesser General
+Public License permits more lax criteria for linking other code with
+the library.
+  We call this license the "Lesser" General Public License because it
+does Less to protect the user's freedom than the ordinary General
+Public License.  It also provides other free software developers Less
+of an advantage over competing non-free programs.  These disadvantages
+are the reason we use the ordinary General Public License for many
+libraries.  However, the Lesser license provides advantages in certain
+special circumstances.
+  For example, on rare occasions, there may be a special need to
+encourage the widest possible use of a certain library, so that it becomes
+a de-facto standard.  To achieve this, non-free programs must be
+allowed to use the library.  A more frequent case is that a free
+library does the same job as widely used non-free libraries.  In this
+case, there is little to gain by limiting the free library to free
+software only, so we use the Lesser General Public License.
+  In other cases, permission to use a particular library in non-free
+programs enables a greater number of people to use a large body of
+free software.  For example, permission to use the GNU C Library in
+non-free programs enables many more people to use the whole GNU
+operating system, as well as its variant, the GNU/Linux operating
+  Although the Lesser General Public License is Less protective of the
+users' freedom, it does ensure that the user of a program that is
+linked with the Library has the freedom and the wherewithal to run
+that program using a modified version of the Library.
+  The precise terms and conditions for copying, distribution and
+modification follow.  Pay close attention to the difference between a
+"work based on the library" and a "work that uses the library".  The
+former contains code derived from the library, whereas the latter must
+be combined with the library in order to run.
+  0. This License Agreement applies to any software library or other
+program which contains a notice placed by the copyright holder or
+other authorized party saying it may be distributed under the terms of
+this Lesser General Public License (also called "this License").
+Each licensee is addressed as "you".
+  A "library" means a collection of software functions and/or data
+prepared so as to be conveniently linked with application programs
+(which use some of those functions and data) to form executables.
+  The "Library", below, refers to any such software library or work
+which has been distributed under these terms.  A "work based on the
+Library" means either the Library or any derivative work under
+copyright law: that is to say, a work containing the Library or a
+portion of it, either verbatim or with modifications and/or translated
+straightforwardly into another language.  (Hereinafter, translation is
+included without limitation in the term "modification".)
+  "Source code" for a work means the preferred form of the work for
+making modifications to it.  For a library, complete source code means
+all the source code for all modules it contains, plus any associated
+interface definition files, plus the scripts used to control compilation
+and installation of the library.
+  Activities other than copying, distribution and modification are not
+covered by this License; they are outside its scope.  The act of
+running a program using the Library is not restricted, and output from
+such a program is covered only if its contents constitute a work based
+on the Library (independent of the use of the Library in a tool for
+writing it).  Whether that is true depends on what the Library does
+and what the program that uses the Library does.
+  1. You may copy and distribute verbatim copies of the Library's
+complete source code as you receive it, in any medium, provided that
+you conspicuously and appropriately publish on each copy an
+appropriate copyright notice and disclaimer of warranty; keep intact
+all the notices that refer to this License and to the absence of any
+warranty; and distribute a copy of this License along with the
+  You may charge a fee for the physical act of transferring a copy,
+and you may at your option offer warranty protection in exchange for a
+  2. You may modify your copy or copies of the Library or any portion
+of it, thus forming a work based on the Library, and copy and
+distribute such modifications or work under the terms of Section 1
+above, provided that you also meet all of these conditions:
+    a) The modified work must itself be a software library.
+    b) You must cause the files modified to carry prominent notices
+    stating that you changed the files and the date of any change.
+    c) You must cause the whole of the work to be licensed at no
+    charge to all third parties under the terms of this License.
+    d) If a facility in the modified Library refers to a function or a
+    table of data to be supplied by an application program that uses
+    the facility, other than as an argument passed when the facility
+    is invoked, then you must make a good faith effort to ensure that,
+    in the event an application does not supply such function or
+    table, the facility still operates, and performs whatever part of
+    its purpose remains meaningful.
+    (For example, a function in a library to compute square roots has
+    a purpose that is entirely well-defined independent of the
+    application.  Therefore, Subsection 2d requires that any
+    application-supplied function or table used by this function must
+    be optional: if the application does not supply it, the square
+    root function must still compute square roots.)
+These requirements apply to the modified work as a whole.  If
+identifiable sections of that work are not derived from the Library,
+and can be reasonably considered independent and separate works in
+themselves, then this License, and its terms, do not apply to those
+sections when you distribute them as separate works.  But when you
+distribute the same sections as part of a whole which is a work based
+on the Library, the distribution of the whole must be on the terms of
+this License, whose permissions for other licensees extend to the
+entire whole, and thus to each and every part regardless of who wrote
+Thus, it is not the intent of this section to claim rights or contest
+your rights to work written entirely by you; rather, the intent is to
+exercise the right to control the distribution of derivative or
+collective works based on the Library.
+In addition, mere aggregation of another work not based on the Library
+with the Library (or with a work based on the Library) on a volume of
+a storage or distribution medium does not bring the other work under
+the scope of this License.
+  3. You may opt to apply the terms of the ordinary GNU General Public
+License instead of this License to a given copy of the Library.  To do
+this, you must alter all the notices that refer to this License, so
+that they refer to the ordinary GNU General Public License, version 2,
+instead of to this License.  (If a newer version than version 2 of the
+ordinary GNU General Public License has appeared, then you can specify
+that version instead if you wish.)  Do not make any other change in
+these notices.
+  Once this change is made in a given copy, it is irreversible for
+that copy, so the ordinary GNU General Public License applies to all
+subsequent copies and derivative works made from that copy.
+  This option is useful when you wish to copy part of the code of
+the Library into a program that is not a library.
+  4. You may copy and distribute the Library (or a portion or
+derivative of it, under Section 2) in object code or executable form
+under the terms of Sections 1 and 2 above provided that you accompany
+it with the complete corresponding machine-readable source code, which
+must be distributed under the terms of Sections 1 and 2 above on a
+medium customarily used for software interchange.
+  If distribution of object code is made by offering access to copy
+from a designated place, then offering equivalent access to copy the
+source code from the same place satisfies the requirement to
+distribute the source code, even though third parties are not
+compelled to copy the source along with the object code.
+  5. A program that contains no derivative of any portion of the
+Library, but is designed to work with the Library by being compiled or
+linked with it, is called a "work that uses the Library".  Such a
+work, in isolation, is not a derivative work of the Library, and
+therefore falls outside the scope of this License.
+  However, linking a "work that uses the Library" with the Library
+creates an executable that is a derivative of the Library (because it
+contains portions of the Library), rather than a "work that uses the
+library".  The executable is therefore covered by this License.
+Section 6 states terms for distribution of such executables.
+  When a "work that uses the Library" uses material from a header file
+that is part of the Library, the object code for the work may be a
+derivative work of the Library even though the source code is not.
+Whether this is true is especially significant if the work can be
+linked without the Library, or if the work is itself a library.  The
+threshold for this to be true is not precisely defined by law.
+  If such an object file uses only numerical parameters, data
+structure layouts and accessors, and small macros and small inline
+functions (ten lines or less in length), then the use of the object
+file is unrestricted, regardless of whether it is legally a derivative
+work.  (Executables containing this object code plus portions of the
+Library will still fall under Section 6.)
+  Otherwise, if the work is a derivative of the Library, you may
+distribute the object code for the work under the terms of Section 6.
+Any executables containing that work also fall under Section 6,
+whether or not they are linked directly with the Library itself.
+  6. As an exception to the Sections above, you may also combine or
+link a "work that uses the Library" with the Library to produce a
+work containing portions of the Library, and distribute that work
+under terms of your choice, provided that the terms permit
+modification of the work for the customer's own use and reverse
+engineering for debugging such modifications.
+  You must give prominent notice with each copy of the work that the
+Library is used in it and that the Library and its use are covered by
+this License.  You must supply a copy of this License.  If the work
+during execution displays copyright notices, you must include the
+copyright notice for the Library among them, as well as a reference
+directing the user to the copy of this License.  Also, you must do one
+of these things:
+    a) Accompany the work with the complete corresponding
+    machine-readable source code for the Library including whatever
+    changes were used in the work (which must be distributed under
+    Sections 1 and 2 above); and, if the work is an executable linked
+    with the Library, with the complete machine-readable "work that
+    uses the Library", as object code and/or source code, so that the
+    user can modify the Library and then relink to produce a modified
+    executable containing the modified Library.  (It is understood
+    that the user who changes the contents of definitions files in the
+    Library will not necessarily be able to recompile the application
+    to use the modified definitions.)
+    b) Use a suitable shared library mechanism for linking with the
+    Library.  A suitable mechanism is one that (1) uses at run time a
+    copy of the library already present on the user's computer system,
+    rather than copying library functions into the executable, and (2)
+    will operate properly with a modified version of the library, if
+    the user installs one, as long as the modified version is
+    interface-compatible with the version that the work was made with.
+    c) Accompany the work with a written offer, valid for at
+    least three years, to give the same user the materials
+    specified in Subsection 6a, above, for a charge no more
+    than the cost of performing this distribution.
+    d) If distribution of the work is made by offering access to copy
+    from a designated place, offer equivalent access to copy the above
+    specified materials from the same place.
+    e) Verify that the user has already received a copy of these
+    materials or that you have already sent this user a copy.
+  For an executable, the required form of the "work that uses the
+Library" must include any data and utility programs needed for
+reproducing the executable from it.  However, as a special exception,
+the materials to be distributed need not include anything that is
+normally distributed (in either source or binary form) with the major
+components (compiler, kernel, and so on) of the operating system on
+which the executable runs, unless that component itself accompanies
+the executable.
+  It may happen that this requirement contradicts the license
+restrictions of other proprietary libraries that do not normally
+accompany the operating system.  Such a contradiction means you cannot
+use both them and the Library together in an executable that you
+  7. You may place library facilities that are a work based on the
+Library side-by-side in a single library together with other library
+facilities not covered by this License, and distribute such a combined
+library, provided that the separate distribution of the work based on
+the Library and of the other library facilities is otherwise
+permitted, and provided that you do these two things:
+    a) Accompany the combined library with a copy of the same work
+    based on the Library, uncombined with any other library
+    facilities.  This must be distributed under the terms of the
+    Sections above.
+    b) Give prominent notice with the combined library of the fact
+    that part of it is a work based on the Library, and explaining
+    where to find the accompanying uncombined form of the same work.
+  8. You may not copy, modify, sublicense, link with, or distribute
+the Library except as expressly provided under this License.  Any
+attempt otherwise to copy, modify, sublicense, link with, or
+distribute the Library is void, and will automatically terminate your
+rights under this License.  However, parties who have received copies,
+or rights, from you under this License will not have their licenses
+terminated so long as such parties remain in full compliance.
+  9. You are not required to accept this License, since you have not
+signed it.  However, nothing else grants you permission to modify or
+distribute the Library or its derivative works.  These actions are
+prohibited by law if you do not accept this License.  Therefore, by
+modifying or distributing the Library (or any work based on the
+Library), you indicate your acceptance of this License to do so, and
+all its terms and conditions for copying, distributing or modifying
+the Library or works based on it.
+  10. Each time you redistribute the Library (or any work based on the
+Library), the recipient automatically receives a license from the
+original licensor to copy, distribute, link with or modify the Library
+subject to these terms and conditions.  You may not impose any further
+restrictions on the recipients' exercise of the rights granted herein.
+You are not responsible for enforcing compliance by third parties with
+this License.
+  11. If, as a consequence of a court judgment or allegation of patent
+infringement or for any other reason (not limited to patent issues),
+conditions are imposed on you (whether by court order, agreement or
+otherwise) that contradict the conditions of this License, they do not
+excuse you from the conditions of this License.  If you cannot
+distribute so as to satisfy simultaneously your obligations under this
+License and any other pertinent obligations, then as a consequence you
+may not distribute the Library at all.  For example, if a patent
+license would not permit royalty-free redistribution of the Library by
+all those who receive copies directly or indirectly through you, then
+the only way you could satisfy both it and this License would be to
+refrain entirely from distribution of the Library.
+If any portion of this section is held invalid or unenforceable under any
+particular circumstance, the balance of the section is intended to apply,
+and the section as a whole is intended to apply in other circumstances.
+It is not the purpose of this section to induce you to infringe any
+patents or other property right claims or to contest validity of any
+such claims; this section has the sole purpose of protecting the
+integrity of the free software distribution system which is
+implemented by public license practices.  Many people have made
+generous contributions to the wide range of software distributed
+through that system in reliance on consistent application of that
+system; it is up to the author/donor to decide if he or she is willing
+to distribute software through any other system and a licensee cannot
+impose that choice.
+This section is intended to make thoroughly clear what is believed to
+be a consequence of the rest of this License.
+  12. If the distribution and/or use of the Library is restricted in
+certain countries either by patents or by copyrighted interfaces, the
+original copyright holder who places the Library under this License may add
+an explicit geographical distribution limitation excluding those countries,
+so that distribution is permitted only in or among countries not thus
+excluded.  In such case, this License incorporates the limitation as if
+written in the body of this License.
+  13. The Free Software Foundation may publish revised and/or new
+versions of the Lesser General Public License from time to time.
+Such new versions will be similar in spirit to the present version,
+but may differ in detail to address new problems or concerns.
+Each version is given a distinguishing version number.  If the Library
+specifies a version number of this License which applies to it and
+"any later version", you have the option of following the terms and
+conditions either of that version or of any later version published by
+the Free Software Foundation.  If the Library does not specify a
+license version number, you may choose any version ever published by
+the Free Software Foundation.
+  14. If you wish to incorporate parts of the Library into other free
+programs whose distribution conditions are incompatible with these,
+write to the author to ask for permission.  For software which is
+copyrighted by the Free Software Foundation, write to the Free
+Software Foundation; we sometimes make exceptions for this.  Our
+decision will be guided by the two goals of preserving the free status
+of all derivatives of our free software and of promoting the sharing
+and reuse of software generally.
+           How to Apply These Terms to Your New Libraries
+  If you develop a new library, and you want it to be of the greatest
+possible use to the public, we recommend making it free software that
+everyone can redistribute and change.  You can do so by permitting
+redistribution under these terms (or, alternatively, under the terms of the
+ordinary General Public License).
+  To apply these terms, attach the following notices to the library.  It is
+safest to attach them to the start of each source file to most effectively
+convey the exclusion of warranty; and each file should have at least the
+"copyright" line and a pointer to where the full notice is found.
+    <one line to give the library's name and a brief idea of what it does.>
+    Copyright (C) <year>  <name of author>
+    This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
+    modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
+    License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
+    version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
+    This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+    Lesser General Public License for more details.
+    You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
+    License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
+    Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307  USA
+Also add information on how to contact you by electronic and paper mail.
+You should also get your employer (if you work as a programmer) or your
+school, if any, to sign a "copyright disclaimer" for the library, if
+necessary.  Here is a sample; alter the names:
+  Yoyodyne, Inc., hereby disclaims all copyright interest in the
+  library `Frob' (a library for tweaking knobs) written by James Random Hacker.
+  <signature of Ty Coon>, 1 April 1990
+  Ty Coon, President of Vice
+That's all there is to it!


[Frivolous patch to increase my own karma for fixing lambdabot.
cgibbard at**20080205043406] 
[Fix link error in runplugs (oeis).
cgibbard at**20080205032325] 
[Updates for 6.8.2
cgibbard at**20080204222435] 
[Changed unMtl to be easier to extend and improved its error reporting
Twan van Laarhoven <twanvl at>**20080202032202] 
[Added SimpleReflect module for use with @run
Twan van Laarhoven <twanvl at>**20080131231830] 
[Make Math.OEIS and Data.Number.* available to RunPlugs
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20080115231752
 NOTE: the 'numbers' and 'oeis' packages are now required (available on hackage)
[Hide Text.PrettyPrint.HughesPJ.empty
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20071220233246] 
[Hide Control.Arrow.pure in @run
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20071220233026] 
[Add an alias for @slap, @smack
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20071213113951] 
[update hoogl db
dons at**20071206225344] 
[Lib.Util.timeout: kill threads asynchronously, hopefully this fixes the mysterious hanging bug
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20071205070311] 
[Remove silly kind signature
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20071205065359] 
[sync logs
dons at**20071111201729] 
[Add Math.OEIS to L.hs, and oeis to build-depends.
cgibbard at**20071111021348] 
[Added plugin for Math.OEIS. The (slightly modified) library is included itself as well.
Twan van Laarhoven <twanvl at>**20071105200558] 
[Offline loop quits when the quit command is used
Twan van Laarhoven <twanvl at>**20071102163236] 
[Fixed parentheses handling for @@ parser
Twan van Laarhoven <twanvl at>**20071102162703] 
[The ?? and @@ commands are no longer ignored
Twan van Laarhoven <twanvl at>**20071102162519] 
[@brain: replies from pinky now separated from the rest
Twan van Laarhoven <twanvl at>**20071027214524] 
[Lib.Util.getRandItem: return a valid generator when the list is empty.  This
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20071027093656
 is part of an attempt to cover all our bases with the persistent getRandItem
[Add safeGetStdRandom, hopefully this fixes the "getRandItem" bug.
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20071027061439] 
[README should point to the released version of zlib
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20071001160556] 
['??' plugin didn't add a space in front of output
Twan van Laarhoven <twanvl at>**20071024182421] 
[Fixed broken Type error handling because of previous patch
Twan van Laarhoven <twanvl at>**20071024165429] 
[Type plugin postprocessing simplified; now uses ghci -v0
Twan van Laarhoven <twanvl at>**20071024144408] 
[Fixed gender issues in slap plugin, added some more variation
twanvl at**20071022222929] 
[Lib.Parser now understands comments, this is allowed: -- :)
twanvl at**20071018153703] 
[Redo understands case expressions as created by undo
twanvl at**20071016214523] 
[Nicer error messages for parseExpr, compose plugin and exceptions
twanvl at**20071016214427] 
[Fixed pattern match failure in parseExpr
twanvl at**20071016214302] 
[Added new rules to Pl to handle things like nested "(f `ap`) . const" constructions. These are produced by for instance "\(x:_:_) -> x"
twanvl at**20071016173629] 
[Undo now desugars list comprehensions
twanvl at**20071016002003] 
[Moved common expression and declaration parsing to Lib.Parser; improved balanced paren check
twanvl at**20071015232209] 
[Split up Pl\Rules into three files to make it a little easier to understand
twanvl at**20071015214400] 
[More commenting of Pl
twanvl at**20071015205616] 
[Added more advanced way of composing plugins
twanvl at**20071015004758] 
[Added comments to Pl code in my attempt to understand it
twanvl at**20071015004725] 
[Worked around the lack of readline on windows, added a very simple replacement
twanvl at**20071015004544] 
[Some more creativity in insults and confirmation messages
twanvl at**20071015004425] 
[sync state
dons at**20070816045835] 
dons at**20070816045619] 
[sort some chans
dons at**20070816045422] 
[Fixed instance Ord Nick so it'll actually work this time
svein.ove at**20070803224228] 
[Instance Ord for Nick
svein.ove at**20070803200628
 Overriding Eq but not Ord meant that Foo > FOO is true, but so is FOO == 
 This patch fixes it by overriding Ord to behave the same way.
[IRC nicknames are case-insensitive
svein.ove at**20070802132816] 
[Remove the Arbitrary instance for Maybe; it is rarely used, and conflicts with an instance in the 6.6.1 QuickCheck
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070731044211] 
[finish implementing "forget"
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070731044151] 
[Use a thin wrapper over haskell-src instead of trying to build on the undocumented internal haskell-src functions.  Should increase robustness.
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070731044106] 
[Add @forget to remove quotes (unpriviledged by analogy with @where+ lambdabot <deleted>)
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070628165142] 
[Fix functions name clash in Lib/Parser.hs
Paolo Martini <paolo at>**20070725231055] 
[update channel list
dons at**20070725033113] 
[only have @state disabled
dons at**20070725033021] 
[Fixed very small cpphs issue in Lib/Parser.*
Christophe Poucet <christophe (dot) poucet (at) gmail (dot) com>**20070718113647] 
[Fixed problems with DarcsPatchWatch
Christophe Poucet <christophe (dot) poucet (at) gmail (dot) com>**20070719101737] 
[Convert vixen's data to new 64-bit Binary format, including code used (in comments)
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20070628155642] 
[give a helpful message when user types "make" instead of deleting stuff
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20070628143453] 
[fix unary negation in Pl parser
cdsmith at**20070620052142] 
[and hide Traversable
dons at**20070619041024] 
[update the .rc files
dons at**20070619035426] 
[some state patches
dons at**20070304044741] 
[add online2.rc
dons at**20070304044712] 
[update online.rc
dons at**20070304044636] 
[Ignore a trailing : in nicknames
mail at**20070616181123
 A usecase for @tell is:
 > dons: Something important
 then noticing that dons is not there, adding a @tell in the beginning
 > @tell dons: Something important
 And generally it is nice to be able to write:
 > @tell someone: something
 So the attaced patch ignores trailing : for nicknames (which are invalid anyways).
[Make lambdabot more polite (respond to thanks)
mail at**20070616103520] 
[@type: remove Data.Traversable import, it clashes with Prelude names
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20070603071205] 
[Make "active" in @users consider last 30 minutes
Jason Creighton <jcreigh at>**20070519011539] 
[RunPlugs: fix Control.Monad.Writer import
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20070510211608] 
[Fix @redo and infix applications
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20070507013557] 
[import Monad.Writer qualified
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070507010118] 
[Resync djinn from darcs head
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070507010101] 
[add #ai channel and ignore the ai-depot bot there.
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20070328181145] 
[Implement a simple ignore command for lambdabot
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20070328180812
 This patch adds an 'ignore' command similar to the existing 'admin' command.
 Right now it matches users per string match, not per mask so that it is
 ineffective against malicious users; it does, however, work for friendly
 ignores - like other bots.
[make @wiki translate spaces to underscores
Jason Creighton <jcreigh at>**20070313012928] 
[account for infix decls in precedence fixing
cdsmith at**20070506202446] 
cdsmith at**20070506150342] 
cdsmith at**20070506044357
 This fixes precedence problems in unpl, by adding a step that transforms 
 the parsed grammar to obey precedence rules.
 As of right now:
 1. Only operators from the Prelude are counted.
 2. Precedence is not fixed in let bindings
 3. Infix operators in patterns don't work.
[the first lambdabot plugin I wrote, circa 2004. aFind the temperature in Sydney
dons at**20070304041525] 
[obsolete seen state
dons at**20070304041426] 
[import Prelude hiding (mapM, sequence, mapM_, sequence_)
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070224012936] 
[Add @hackage
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20070222010141] 
[@src gracefully handles operators with or without parens
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20070221052035] 
[the Text.Regex module has changed..
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070214062236] 
[merge depends
dons at**20070214023739] 
newsham at**20070207080647] 
newsham at**20070207080524] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070214002425] 
[add IntMap
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070213232026] 
[don't need template-haskell package now
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070211235116] 
[make L.hs visible to @type, really
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070211235050] 
[use -fextended-default-rules to avoid extra type annotatoins in irc
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070211234346] 
[make L.hs visible to :t
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070211234334] 
[h98 be gone!
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070211233012] 
[ditch TH
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070211233002] 
[Bring in a bunch of new things 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070211232946] 
[make ghc 6.6 + runplugs the default build strategy now
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070211223919] 
[Make ?unmtl support trailing comments
Lennart Kolmodin <kolmodin at>**20070205205945
 ?unmtl State Int a -- wazza!?!?
 err: Unterminated end-of-line comment
 ?unmtl State Int a
 Int -> (a, Int)
dons at**20070125234527] 
[Use hpaste's pretty domain name
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20070124053632] 
[Factor string constant into pastebinMsg.
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20070124053545] 
[Intercept "lisppaste2: url" and respond with hpaste!
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20070124052505] 
[UnMtl should join tuples when possible
Lennart Kolmodin <kolmodin at>**20070124104855] 
[UnMtl should curry if possible
Lennart Kolmodin <kolmodin at>**20070124104811] 
[Add UnMtl module
Lennart Kolmodin <kolmodin at>**20070123221755] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070123203735] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070123103738] 
[fix type errors believed to result from binary changes
stefanor at*-20070113064049] 
[Lie about BotPP's language dependencies, for the sake of shim
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>*-20070121095331] 
[add dyndns short url for hpaste
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070121210957] 
[Lie about BotPP's language dependencies, for the sake of shim
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070121095331] 
[add support for a polynick to have | separated terms
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070122060825] 
[add NickEq support to Karma
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070122055045] 
[nick identity, act 1 - the base API
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070122040126] 
[No response for @seen in channel
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20070122064822] 
[Plugin.Karma: minor cosmetic change.
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20070119164230] 
[pastebin has moved again
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070120004657] 
[split optimizer out of Plugin.Pl.Transform
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070116035506] 
[Make -- comments work in @unpl
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20070116033328] 
[make @paste use glguy's amazing Haskell-hosted pastebin
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070118232735] 
[make last patch compile & work
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070115190136] 
[make @seen not ping entire channels
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070115185300] 
[a few small doc updates
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070115185211] 
[claim more credit
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070115104105] 
[create a admin-only @activity-full ; obscure usernames in normal @activity
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070115103956] 
[fix admin list in online.rc
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070115102829] 
[default to offline mode
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070115101911] 
[use older System.Time in Activity (I failed a check-compatibility check)
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070115094230] 
[centralize QSem waiting, fixes serious race condition
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070114220920
 This creates a single MVar for IRC flood control, which is filled at a
 predictable rate by the semaphore code.  This allows the semaphores to
 be used only from the safe fill loops; previously the semaphores were
 waited on in plugin context, causing deadlocks when waitQSem was
[add a little strictness to fix Activity
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070114052638] 
[only ask for topic in response to our joining ; should give much better netsplit performance
Stefan O'Rear <stefanor at>**20070113230626] 
[use new time library in Activity ; fix interval bug
stefanor at**20070113064132] 
[fix type errors believed to result from binary changes
stefanor at**20070113064049] 
[remove State/passwd support (forgotten in previous config-sweep)
stefanor at**20070113010612] 
[rename OfflineRC.source to rc (fixes embarassing collision)
stefanor at**20070113004912
 The current expected method of initalizing lambdabot is:
 lambdabot -e 'rc online.rc'
 online.rc contains commands for server connection, joining,
 admin setup, and sources 'passwd.rc' which is expected to contain
 a 'msg freenode:nickserv identify foobar' commmand.
[Lambdabot now depends on 'binary'
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070112125037
 Toss out the old newBinary, in favour of 'binary'. 
     darcs get
 Note that you'll have to remove the State/seen file, since it uses a new
 binary encoding. 
[remove from Config.hs all that is currently subsumed by rc-files
stefanor at**20070112015056] 
[reverse-sort @activity
stefanor at**20070111050140] 
[add @listservers, @admin
stefanor at**20070111050106] 
[sign on synchronously, fixes a race
stefanor at**20070111044427] 
[I ought to typecheck before sending :(
stefanor at**20070111043845] 
[add 'source' command, to load a rcfile: lambdabot -e 'source online.rc'
stefanor at**20070111043215] 
[remove core IRC
stefanor at**20070109053326
 This patch removes the core's IRC and readline modules; you are now expected
 to use the plugin versions instead:
 lambdabot -e offline  # use the readline interface
 lambdabot -e 'irc-connect freenode 6667 lambdabot Lambda_robots:_100%_loyal'
[add simple activity-monitor plugin
stefanor at**20070111035033] 
[add the plugin level IRC, @irc-connect to use
stefanor at**20070109040641] 
[add offline mode to OfflineRC plugin
stefanor at**20070109012406
 The new offline mode is activated using the ?offline privileged command,
 and works mostly like the core offline mode.  Currently it is treated as
[add first OfflineRC plugin; -e works now
stefanor at**20070109005834
 This creates a new plugin, which executes the actions specified using
 -e 'foo'.  The actions are processed and executed as if entered at an
 offline prompt.
[remove the Maybe from lambdabot's readonly state
stefanor at**20070109000344
 This appeared as the easiest way to solve the 'No connection' errors 
 encountered with initDoneMVar; it is hoped that this will cause no
 problems, since the virtual-chat system subsumes what Heffalump called
 the original purpose of the Maybe.
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070108100640] 
[add initDoneMVar, so that plugins that want to run code when LB is fully initialized can forkIO (readMVar ...)
stefanor at**20070108050530] 
[add command-line parsing for -e 'foo' (execute command on startup)
stefanor at**20070108044501] 
[more source
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070108035503] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070108034833] 
[add missing
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070108033727] 
[tag messages with lambdabot's nick
stefanor at**20070108024528
 To allow different servers to have different names for lambdabot, but not
 require the LB monad for accessing lambdabot's name, we annotate incoming
 IRCMessages with a msgLBName field.  This seems a little too hackish...
[more classes
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070108032913] 
[fix @time
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070108032903] 
[only catch IO errors in IRC send handler (brown paper bag fix)
stefanor at**20070108022410] 
[add words
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070108020716] 
[add some classes
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070108020031] 
[try to return the time for the person who asked, if no args are supplied
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070108014205] 
[move testsuite
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070108011401] 
[create vchat indirection layer
stefanor at**20070107225838
 In order to support having several different servers, potentially
 speaking different protocols, we insert an additional layer of
 indirection in the path used for sending messages.  An `ircServerMap'
 field in the main state maps the server tags to functions which are
 able to send messages to the associated servers.  The two original
 servers are modified to be actions which, when run, connect to the
 servers in a newly-forked thread and register the servers in the
 vchat's map.  When any server fails (IO error), it is removed from the
 map.  The main thread terminates when the number of servers falls to
 The names invocation in Seen fails due to the "freenode" server not
 being connected at the time of module initialisation; the effects of
 this are unknown, however Seen works in autojoined channels.
 There is no longer any connection-specific data in the read-only
[Test @src
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070107111131] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070107101347] 
[more tests
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070107094716] 
[more tests
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070107084332] 
[more test stuff
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070107083114] 
[remove the Maybe type on message sends (unneccessary now that plugins are invoked synchronously)
stefanor at**20070107081055] 
[add readme
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070107080217] 
[Add unit tests `finally`
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070107075248] 
[update commands
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070107071058] 
[add printing for moduleInit exceptions (so you don't get silent failure)
stefanor at**20070107030746] 
[add timeout in offline mode
stefanor at**20070107030721] 
[rollback Base.hs patch
Don Stewart <dons at>*-20070107030509] 
[rollback Base.hs patch
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070107030509] 
[fix separate privmsg/channel handling
Don Stewart <dons at>*-20070106031541] 
[better catch url lookup failures
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070107030133] 
[threading rearchitecture, make almost everything synchronous
stefanor at**20070107010531
 * The read loop calls LMain.received (via a pointer to avoid recursive module
   issues): offline does it synchronously, online does it asynchronously.
 * Also due to recursive module issues, the IRC loops (kept in IRC) were split
   from the IRC data types (in IRCBase).
 * LMain.recieved calls the callbacks syncronously.
 * Side effects:
   There is no longer a need for the synchronization MVars.
   Offline mode no longer has a timeout.
[hide TH
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070106104125] 
[some more types
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070106075623] 
dons at**20070106075544] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070106070731] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070106065424] 
[update source
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070106064029] 
[add LargeWord
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070106061152] 
[fix separate privmsg/channel handling
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070106031541] 
[add stref code
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070104083515] 
[Satisfy my ego
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20070104073029] 
[change default tag to "freenode" (was "fn"), as discussed on IRC
stefanor at**20070104053822] 
[use tag/channel names for logfiles
stefanor at**20070104045851] 
[refactor, add @spell-all 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070104041905] 
[Declare my LB-hacker-status
stefanor at**20070104035831] 
[add Spelling Nazi (@nazi-on, @nazi-off)
stefanor at**20070104035539] 
[compulsively lowercase nicks in Seen
stefanor at**20070104032120] 
[more state
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070104013731] 
[src tweaks
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103234837] 
[add some class instances
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103110126] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103045915] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103045847] 
dons at**20070103044300] 
[update state
dons at**20070103043616] 
[Use gzip serialisation on more state types
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103040516] 
[Add Gzip compression of the state. Use zcat to read State/quote now. Needs dcoutt's zlib binding, see the README
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103034629] 
[resolve conflict
stefanor at**20070103024958] 
[fix instance Show Nick so that save files from patched LB's can be read by unpatched LB's... just in case.
stefanor at**20070103023410] 
[try again - get Seen working
stefanor at**20070103014747] 
[fix all compile errors in Seen
stefanor at**20070103004706] 
[hopefully fix Seen
stefanor at**20070103003705] 
[get Seen compiling
stefanor at**20070102023628] 
[three lambdabotName fixes
stefanor at**20070103002550] 
[two nick-type fixes
stefanor at**20070103002223] 
[fix lack of privs at offline console
stefanor at**20070102040833] 
[force Base to compile
stefanor at**20070102035607] 
[fix Compose
stefanor at**20070102031951] 
[fix Karma
stefanor at**20070102031852] 
[fix Localtime
stefanor at**20070102025619] 
[fix Log + More
stefanor at**20070102025220] 
[fix LBState + PL
stefanor at**20070102024112] 
[fixup Todo to properly keep server data
stefanor at**20070102000901] 
[refactor Message, add (un)packing
stefanor at**20070102000203] 
[fix Slap + System
stefanor at**20070101234737] 
[fix Tell + Todo
stefanor at**20070101233739] 
[make Topic compile
stefanor at**20070101231716] 
[fixup ios80
stefanor at**20070101222701] 
[fix errors induced in Lambdabot
stefanor at**20070101222531] 
[fixup IRC for server tags
stefanor at**20070101214510] 
[fix errors in Message
stefanor at**20070101211206] 
[add types for attaching server names to messages
stefanor at**20070101210528] 
[some more @src
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103024354] 
[more src
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103023519] 
[add bytestring-based fprocess_ module command. takes a msg as a bytestring and returns one. Avoids unnec. unpacks, and will be part of the bytestring-only path in and out of lambdabot
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103021755] 
[i wrote another plugin
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103021747] 
[needs -cpp for ./ghci script
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103021736] 
[Refactor some popen uses
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103011720] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103011614] 
[remove LShell.hs, too many external deps
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103011506] 
[add readOnly serial combinator, refactor
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103010227] 
[add some more source
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070103003856] 
[leading spaces
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070102235425] 
[some more @whers
dons at**20070102112240] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070102092620] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070102091434] 
[add some extra things to @type
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070102074151] 
[don't import L qualified
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070102072618] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070102072610] 
[move functions
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070102071710] 
[fix id
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070102071327] 
[more src
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070102065247] 
[add @src plugin
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070102062620] 
[tweaks for @src
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070102062558] 
[remove prelude.lam
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070102044117] 
[remove State/lambda
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070102044008] 
[sync state
dons at**20070102020240] 
[add @flush
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101090234] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101071417] 
[move vixen state
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101060330] 
[6.4 isms
dons at**20070101055658] 
dons at**20070101054010] 
[Remove @lambda plugin. Unused since the invention of Eval
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101052359] 
[no more DrHylo
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101051858] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101051817] 
[add clean target
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101051405] 
[update 6.4 cabal file
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101051324] 
[And back port new regex interface to 6.4
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101051308] 
[fix way=ghci
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101045852] 
[no more moos
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101045847] 
[don't need Lib.Regex as extra anymore
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101044459] 
[we need regex-posix now
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101044446] 
[port to new regex interface
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101044439] 
[Add regex-posix wrapper layer, rather than rolling our own bytestring regex
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101044400] 
[Remove regex.hsc
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101044344] 
[no more vixenstate file
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101032731] 
[serliase vixen state to disk, rather than compiling it in
Don Stewart <dons at>**20070101032701] 
[record some quotes
dons at**20061231114853] 
[switch to a simple MVar track for output from the contextual handler
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061231110733] 
[print name of author when doing pattern matching
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061231102620] 
[make ./ghci a bit friendlier
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061231101404] 
[implement regex matching for quotes
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061231101348] 
[bytestring interface to regex matching, and fix premature optimisation bug
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061231101322] 
[make the ghc 6.6 cabal file the default
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061231063912] 
[Improve nick++ handling.
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20061226204954
 Messages may now have several occurrences of nick++ and nick--.  The current
 code should ignore most Haskell or Perl code that happens to have ++ or --
 in it.
[Add #if'd aliases to Lib/ for functions in haskell-src that were renamed post-6.6
stefanor at**20061220071934] 
[Special case lowercase c++, so that lazy irc-ers don't inadvertantly praise c
stefanor at**20061220211927] 
[fix expected location of BotPP
stefanor at**20061223002750] 
[op sjanssen, int-e and sorear
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061220071649] 
[add some more monads
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061218105226] 
[record patch for Syzygy-
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061215141211] 
dons at**20061212055301] 
[log-log commiter graph script
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061209040542] 
[bug fix
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061209010234] 
[add @bug
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061209005730] 
[stunnel instructions in README
Daniel Nilsson <vq at>**20061207104152] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061208001843] 
[more state
dons at**20061205000454] 
[update state
dons at**20061204235759] 
[Pointful: removing broken 'fix' definition
Kevin Reid <kpreid at>**20061204222252] 
[Pointful: recognize ($)
Kevin Reid <kpreid at>**20061204222122] 
[increase N bytes limit for grabbing titles
dons at**20061204002654] 
[increase tinyurl threshold
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061204002111] 
dons at**20061203055223] 
[Fix static build
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20061103024316] 
[Get dynamic loading working again, yay!
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20061102235724] 
dons at**20061203054541] 
[Added GNU Talk Filters
ekmett at**20061129011340
 Adds Plugin.Filter
 filter provides: 
 	austro b1ff brooklyn chef cockney 
 	drawl dubya fudd funetak jethro 
 	jive kraut pansy pirate postmodern 
 	redneck valspeak warez
 To use, install:
 If you install them in a non-standard location you may need to change the directory named in
[add hac07 site
dons at**20061203031508] 
[add :t / :k syntax
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061203030756] 
[Pointful: pretty print in single line mode
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20061202021803] 
[Remove stray comma.
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20061130192653] 
[more gschuett notes
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061127233704] 
[Seen.hs: lowercase all channel names before using them.
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20061127060006] 
[Seen.hs whitespace cleanup
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20061127052917] 
dons at**20061127031021] 
[more quotes
dons at**20061127024617] 
[add #jtiger
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061126093956] 
[this week's quotes
dons at**20061122121031] 
[Two new vim scripts
smith at**20061119194516] 
[merge in small check changes
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061119031821] 
[Import SmallCheck 0.2
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20061118053101] 
[redo: fix m >>= f
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20061119015905] 
[Add a show instance for IO
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061117034858] 
[Add Pointful
dons at**20061115235116] 
[Add Pointful plugin.
Kevin Reid <kpreid at>**20061107180224] 
[Fix @source so that it outputs a / between the base URL and the package
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20061115155022] 
[Another unsafePerformIO bites the dust
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20061102022827] 
[Thanks to the unsafePerformIO Police, another crime against referential transparency has been solved.
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20061102021955] 
[new quotes
dons at**20061114015950] 
[update free theorem
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061110042311] 
dons at**20061107001120] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061106235535] 
[add more chans
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061105105033] 
[Make fptools and docs strip beginning and trailing whitespace
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20061102015409] 
[Factor out the common parts of fptools, source and docs
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20061102015118] 
[don't stay in ##logic. leave that to mbot
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061104020349] 
[stay in ##logic 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061104012236] 
[more quotes
dons at**20061031015333] 
dons at**20061031014924] 
[more details on protontorpedo
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061030090219] 
[add #gentoo-uy
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061030011702] 
[disable giant log file for now
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061026224718] 
[add a new keal
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061026030944] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061025062815] 
dons at**20061020034917] 
[Trailing whitespace in Modules.hs is no longer fatal.
smith at**20061010130913] 
[strictify randomly
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061018235857] 
[import Generics qualified
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061014160221] 
dons at**20061010022824] 
dons at**20061003120631] 
[Figlet plugin
mux at**20060916162721] 
[more generics
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061004005900] 
[Add Data.Generics
Don Stewart <dons at>**20061004005054] 
[tune Karma's xxx++ regexp to allow nicks with + and - (but not at end)
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20060927052647] 
[Enable comments in @undo code
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20061003014622] 
[Make @redo handle non-lambda expressions on the RHS of (>>=)
sjanssen at**20060912005550] 
[Clean up patterns.
Spencer Janssen <sjanssen at>**20061001224333] 
[handle out of memory errors more gracefully
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060928093031] 
dons at**20060927061446] 
[less Monad.ST
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060926070913] 
[don't use Monad.ST, spotted by sjanssen
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060926070744] 
[revert to "No IO allowed", suggest by int-e
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060925021956] 
[sync state
dons at**20060924041327] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060924035028] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060922084717] 
[more strictness
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060921235443] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060921023551] 
[enable -O
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060921021042] 
[Add Monad.Error
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060920042403] 
[all the web TODOs have been fixed
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060919063052] 
[Add Serial instance for Ordering in SmallCheck
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20060919025313] 
[Oops, left this out of previous patch...
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20060919025033] 
[Move Show instance for (->) out of ShowQ for SmallCheck
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20060919023113] 
[stop filtering spaces in BF
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060919050510] 
[fixed major bug in BF interpretation
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060919050233
 The bf interpreter was not handling nested loops correctly.
[Make @type and @kind work for me
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20060917224306] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060917050057] 
[move source -> Dummy.source
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060917050029] 
[fix some todos
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060917045003] 
[disable slap, echo, listchans by defualt
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060917044901] 
[added web todo to TODO
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060916185358] 
[fix help for dicts
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060917044506] 
dons at**20060916145634] 
[tweak build isntrs
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916074645] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916074636] 
[always print a \n. fixes goa
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916074615] 
[fix version string on non-linux
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916074605] 
[disable state plugin
dons at**20060916065111] 
dons at**20060916065054] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916063055] 
[Fix logging. Goes into State/log now (a full transcript)
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916062802] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916055408] 
[nice the build
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916054619] 
[revert contextual super-handling. broke >
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916054603] 
[add logging in offline mode. Logs go into State/Logs/*/offline/
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916035901] 
[just double check handling of [[]] empty output  in Base.hs
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916032624] 
[--restricted, disables priv commands in command line mode
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916032338] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916032059] 
[wibbles in @localtime patch
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916032040] 
[add --web, which is like command line mode, but disables the priv commands
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916032012] 
[lambdabot's own response to @time
mail at**20060915112642
 (Note that I could not test the code, sorry)
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060916020254] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060914100853] 
[hide bounds for ghc 6.4.2
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060914023257] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060914023241] 
[Add scheck command
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060913175013] 
[And build smallcheck
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060913165744] 
[Add SmallCheck support
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060913165626] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060913165550] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060913161128] 
[Add instance for Ratio
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060913160428] 
[hopefully catch and handle better some state change serialisation issues
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060913111018] 
[quotes, and log everything
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060913102257] 
[move hoogle state into State/
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060913051522] 
[disable input in bf
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060912004649] 
[don't warn so much
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060911084203] 
[add @let and @undefine to command list
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060911072133] 
[Make @let use Language.Haskell rather than a regex
sjanssen at**20060911065925] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060911061403] 
[add Test.QuickCheck
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060911060428] 
[generalise binding regex
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060911055345] 
[add local decl support to quickCheck
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060911051829] 
[500 tests seems reasonable
dons at**20060911050048] 
[increase check limit
dons at**20060911050035] 
[Add persistent declarations to Eval plugin
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060911045634] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060910090853] 
[add check
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060910072443] 
[add I = Int
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060910065959] 
[add a synonym for [Int]
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060910062312] 
[add an instance Arbitrary Ordering
dons at**20060910060621] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060910052949] 
[add cabal rule for building quickCheck
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060910051056] 
[working @check
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060910050925] 
[Add @check, test an instance of Testable with quickCheck
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060910035257] 
[no haskell98 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060909095347] 
[add a cabal script for ghc 6.6
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060909090823] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060909071924] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060909033933] 
[don't use -threaded twice
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060909032534] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060909032419] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060909032141] 
[add chmod
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060909031352] 
[Don't commit to 6.6 modules just yet
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060909031144] 
[add FT
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060909031028] 
[add FT.hs
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060909030928] 
[Import Janis Voigtlaender and Sascha Bohme's FT tool for free theorems
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060909025221] 
[added more html entities to ./Lib/Url.hs
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060909002407] 
[limit getHtmlPage to follow 5 redirects max
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060908222107
 This fixes a possible DoS where a website does an infinite sequence of
[turn off logging
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060908125145] 
[in BF.hs isAscii wasn't stringent enough so replaced with custom 'printable'
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060908064735] 
[fix a bug with composing tiny-url and url-title
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060908060358] 
[fix a potential bug with returning multiple titles/urls
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060908060325] 
[fixed bug in tiny-url and url-title where the url was not found sometimes
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060908051744] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060908011858] 
[more quotes
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060908010540] 
[silent, simple
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060907080256] 
[the impredicative stuff only work in 6.6
dons at**20060907074809] 
[no more long @list
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060907074402] 
[fix nick++ regex
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060907074341] 
[add offline contextual support. Introduce contextual data with !foo
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060907074316] 
[bf wibbles
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060907031434] 
[Match karma like dons asked
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20060906113031] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060906053410] 
[point to commands
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060906033908] 
[add commands file
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060906033640] 
[disable listall except as a priv command
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060906030856] 
[make the bot quieter
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060906030527] 
[resync freetheorems
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060906025620] 
[Plea for help
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20060904150906] 
[Add #perl6 style karma
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20060904145059] 
dons at**20060904061037] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060904060617] 
[Add instructions for updating Cabal to README (thanks lispy!)
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20060904012059] 
[Fix up whitespace in logo
Samuel Bronson <naesten at>**20060904005257] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060903033717] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060903032828] 
[more concise time diffs
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060903005916] 
[bf is now an optimizing interpreter
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060901230358
 phase1 -> remove instruction which will be ignored anyway
 phase2 -> runs of inc/dec instructions are now grouped and turned into
 a single inc/dec.  For example, ++++++ would become IncByteBy 6
 phase3 -> Jumps are transformed to abosulte changes in the instruction pointer
[optimized bf
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060901085059] 
[removed unneeded filtering
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060901084914] 
[Add #ghc
dons at**20060901083314] 
[added optimizations to building bf
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060901063526] 
[scrub "Machine Halted." from bf output
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060901063443] 
[added bf to main cabal file
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060901060340] 
[added bf to lambdabot.cabal.plugins
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060901055833] 
[added brainf*ck interpreter
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060901054551] 
[add some more stuff to version control
dons at**20060901051608] 
dons at**20060901051550] 
[fixed a short url bug and renamed isTiny -> findTiny
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060901042750
 Accidentally applied the minimum length of a url to fetching the title, this
 patch fixes that bug.
[sync state
dons at**20060901042754] 
[added tiny-url to Url plugin
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060901041714] 
[Track maximum uptime
sjanssen at**20060901034159] 
[Plugin.Djinn: move from Haskell '98 style modules to hierarchical
sjanssen at**20060829145103] 
[Undo: handle pattern match failures
sjanssen at**20060829145432] 
[add note to README describing how to get 'run' working
Jason Dagit <dagit at>**20060830065619] 
[improve docs. Stop Korollary whinging
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060830033405] 
[Refactor undo, add redo
sjanssen at**20060829025607] 
[Make @free use @type if no signature is supplied.
Kevin Reid <kpreid at>**20060828064238] 
[Quarter-baked @djinn-names command.
Kevin Reid <kpreid at>**20060704045204] 
[proxy = Nothing, to keep SamB happy
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060828042327] 
[fix buglet
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060828020710] 
[track active users
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060828015033] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060827045106] 
[Doless -> Undo
dons at**20060825035909] 
dons at**20060825035434] 
[Implement doless -- a plugin to translate do notation to Monad operations
sjanssen at**20060825034232] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060824140105] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060824135636] 
[Changes to the Seen module.
Lemmih <lemmih at>**20060824133838
 * Proper help message for @users.
 * Made @users take an optional channel argument.
 * (Added myself to the admin list)
[fix unlamda hack
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060824062012] 
[remove \n from read
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060824024108] 
[add control.monad.writer
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060824011955] 
[less lines in output
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060823061648] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060823061351] 
[Add rename pass
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060823060207] 
[support latest fps
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060823040634] 
[Add free theorems plugin
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060823040623] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060822152436] 
dons at**20060822051149] 
[sync state
dons at**20060822051136] 
[update @quotes 
dons at**20060816032324] 
[100 *
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060819085608] 
[less verbose
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060819025054] 
[idea from syntaxfree
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060817042017] 
[fix karma- java
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060815054445] 
[-fasm and haskell98 dep is not needed (thanks ndm)
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060814041348] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060814041338] 
[fix type error for ghc 6.4
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20060813174010] 
[get rid of implicit arguments
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20060813155635
 - ModuleT is an actual transformer now, a newtyped ReaderT.
 - ?ref and ?name are replaced by getRef and getName actions.
 - there are explicit binding options for converting module specific actions
   to LB actions, namely
     bindModule1 :: (a -> ModuleT s LB b) -> ModuleT s LB (a -> LB b)
   and similarily bindModule0 and bindModule2.
 - a lot of small changes to plugins were necessary because the types
   weren't quite correct but that was hidden by the fact that ModuleT was
   merely a type alias.
[more quotes
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060814020148] 
[sort quotes
dons at**20060813051858] 
[Add @protontorpedo
dons at**20060813045211] 
[haskell 98 in case
dons at**20060813045145] 
[Fix up @yarr quotes and command.
Duncan Coutts <duncan.coutts at>**20060812164657] 
[Make @arr and @yarr! do what I think they should do.
Duncan Coutts <duncan.coutts at>**20060812163700
 Oh, and add more pirate quotes.
[rsync hoogle
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060812100018] 
[remember how to script the state
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060811101139] 
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060811100304] 
[fix snoc/cons and add nil
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060811094528] 
[add state cons/snoc
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060811093312] 
[add read/show (for unquote/quote games)
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060811091137] 
[no self-raising of karma
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060810080938] 
[-w in log
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060810080312] 
[java karma fun
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060810080303] 
[disable @last and friends for now. too evil
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060810072830] 
[hid @seen by accident
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060806095954] 
[missing binary instance
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060806074408] 
[handle max users for multiple channels
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060806074250] 
[Track maximum, and current users
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060806071857] 
[@users, count the number of current users
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060806064852] 
[Dice: more concise error messages, minor formula improvement for many dice.
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20060806050254] 
[dice plugin enhancements
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20060802153425
 - use normally distributed random numbers to approximate many dice
 - use Integer instead of Int (prevents overflows)
 - limit output to 79 characters
 - add eof to parser
[fix paths in backup cabal file
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060730053556] 
[Remove haskell98 dep :)
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060730051649] 
[Remove haskell98 deps in hoogle and djiinn
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060730051538] 
[more quotes
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060730045107] 
[Remove hs-plugins dependency by default.
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060730045043] 
[ignore dot-ghci files in instances
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060729132153] 
[leading space to unquote, to prevent abuse
dons at**20060728041916] 
[Added unquote command to Dummy plugin.
Kevin Reid <kpreid at>**20060727172405] 
Paolo Martini <paolo at>**20060718141019] 
[fix two compiler warnings
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20060718000347] 
[(runplugs) fix > error (repeat 'a') :: Int
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20060717235330] 
[somewhat revert
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060714061028] 
[more human prompt for @url-title
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060714060423] 
[Add a string replace function and use it to implement unhtml
Vesa Kaihlavirta <vegai at>**20060714050344] 
[State -> ST
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060714032219] 
[Make the Url plugin's title fetching mode persistent.
Kevin Reid <kpreid at>**20060707164802] 
[Move command prefixes into Config.hs.
Kevin Reid <kpreid at>**20060704033226] 
[note that the ghci way depends on a successful cabal build to get the preprocessor
Don Stewart <dons at>**20060704031514] 
[Fix HTTP/1.1 headers to avoid persistent connections and associated timeouts
davidf at**20060703115945
 HTTP/1.1 by default maintains persistent connections. Url plugin now sends
 correct headers to close the connection and stop timeouts with some servers.
[Fix @instances for Arrow and Monad and other classes where (->), or indeed any operator involving the character '-', was an instance.
david <david at localhost.localdomain>**20060701182819] 
[Every project needs a cheesy ASCII-art logo! TODO: make it better. I'm not too
david <david at localhost.localdomain>**20060612175106
 gifted in the creative sectors :)
[Fix url handling to be HTTP/1.1 for requests not sent through a proxy
davidf at**20060630110228
 Webservers are often required to be HTTP/1.1 compliant, which requires
 an extra host: header to be sent to identify virtual hosts.  Proxies
 handle this automatically and can continue to use HTTP/1.0 requests from us.
[some palomers
dons at**20060629031654] 
[url decode the titles, no more &amps;
dons at**20060627091824] 
[readNBytes, to avoid possible bandwidth games in @url
dons at**20060627090842] 
[Change @paste url. Suggested by vincenz
dons at**20060625023325] 
[ignore ??... @@...
dons at**20060619033926] 
[Add a workaround for violators of the HTTP RFC 2619 wrt Location headers.
pete-lambdabot at**20060618180207] 
[Enhanced Search plugin with url page title fetching.
pete-lambdabot at**20060618044512
 In addition, I removed the buggy extractLoc function, which failed to
 remove the trailing CR.  Instead, it now uses the new Url library's
 getHeader function instead.
[Refactored the URL page and title fetching to a URL library.
pete-lambdabot at**20060618032331
 The intent of this is to allow other plugins to leverage the fetching of
 pages (and following of redirects) as well as the fetching of page
 titles for text/html content.  It was suggested by dmhouse that I modify
 the Search plugin to print not only the URL of the result, but also the
 title of it.
[reenable @remember
dons at**20060618051552] 
[Reduce chance of mishaps with the ignored list
pete-lambdabot at**20060616113441] 
[Need to update the ignored list when the output is changed in Url plugin
pete-lambdabot at**20060616112053] 
[brevity is the art of .. something or other 
dons at**20060616100942] 
[Get rid of error messages from Url.hs
pete-lambdabot at**20060616092733
 And ignore c++ paste bin posts.
[import unsafeUseAsCString from Data.ByteString.Base (follows recent change in FPS)
dons at**20060616051012] 
[use ios80 in Eval plugin
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20060616045555] 
[use ios80 in Unlambda plugin
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20060616045519] 
[add ios80 function for limiting output to channels
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20060616045036] 
[limit output of Unlambda plugin to 2048 characters
Bertram Felgenhauer <int-e at>**20060616025039
 this avoids crazy output like '<lambdabot> [5537 @more lines]'
[add dmhouse to copyright on Log.hs
dons at**20060615083907] 
[bump Versoin.hs number
dons at**20060615042526] 
[TAG lambdabot-4.0
dons at**20060615041235] 
Patch bundle hash:

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