The base library and GHC 6.10

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Thu Aug 28 08:20:58 EDT 2008

[Darn: somehow sent too early]

| | > Is there a way not to have the Data class in base while still preserving the
| | > deriving mechanism?
| |
| | Yes, you can still have "deriving Data" if the class is in the syb
| | package.

True, but if you were to change the methods in Data, the deriving stuff would have to change too.  So putting Data in SYB would make it appear more separate than it truthfully is.

Overall, I agree with Neil: Data and Typeable are the basic foundation on which we may build a variety of reflection/introspection libraries, SYB among them.  Let's leave 'em in base.


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