Performance horrors

Don Stewart dons at
Wed Aug 27 18:53:25 EDT 2008

> On Tue, Aug 26, 2008 at 06:32:40PM +0100, Adrian Hey wrote:
> > 2- Data.Set is not obviously the best underlying implementation (in
> > fact it is obviously not the best underlying implementation, this and
> > Data.Map etc really should be pensioned off to hackage along with the
> > rest of the badly documented, unreliable, inefficient and unstable
> > junk :-)
> Do you have benchmarks to quantify how bad Data.Set and Data.Map are?

Yes, a clear replacement for just Data.Map , with numbers, even if
prototyped, would be rather compelling. And not bogged down in too much
other code.

Numbers please, or at least a direction to work in!

-- Don

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