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> Complexity theory plus the Eq context makes that inevitable. You can't
> have nub over Eq in anything less than O(n^2)
> > I was going to say I sure hope nobody uses this in real programs,
> > but I thought I'd better check first and I see that darcs seems to
> > use it in a few places. Hmm..
> > nub :: Ord a => [a] -> [a]
> > nub = nubBy compare
> >
> Having nubOrd is a great idea, I even proposed it previously, but
> people disagreed with me. Propose it and add it by all means.

The name is... well, pessimal might be a bit strong, but few programmers
would think to look for something called "nub". Personally, when I first
looked for it I expected uniq or unique (because that's what the unix
utility that does the same thing is called). Distinct (from SQL) is
another name that occurred to me, but never nub... it's not even a
synonym for unique:

See the redefinition of nub as uniq here (which I assume is because John
didn't know about nub):

The folklore (such as it is) for uniq is that it is trivially defined
like so (for lists):

> uniq = map head . group . sort

and so perhaps is not worthy of library inclusion? BTW, is this a
suitably performant definition, or would we benefit from a lower-level

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