ANN: Initial release of Language.C (language-c-0.3)

Benedikt Huber benjovi at
Thu Aug 14 11:49:20 EDT 2008

Don Stewart schrieb:
> I think the bug tracker/home page is down. Any ideas?
Language.C's project page went down for a few hours yesterday, sorry 
about that. After switching trac to use mod_python it should work faster 
and more reliable now.
Btw, keigoi posted a very nice, small example (Language.C + 
Data.Generics) here:
(in japanese).

> benjovi:
>> Hi all,
>> I'm pleased to announce the first release of Language.C, a library for  
>> analysing and generating C code.
>> This release features
>>    * A reasonably well tested parser handling and recording all of  
>> C99 and most GNU extensions, most notably gcc's attribute syntax.
>>    * A pretty printer generating source code from the AST, covering  
>> the same language subset as the parser.
>>    * A preview of the analysis framework, including functionality for  
>> dissecting C's cruel type and variable declarations.
>> Places:
>>   * The project's homepage is located at 
>> (Getting Started, Bug Tracker)
>>   * The package is available via hackage (language-c-0.3)
>>   * darcs repo:
>>   * API docs:
>> The library originated from the C-related code in c2hs 
>> ( ), and is the topic of my 
>> SoC project, mentored by Iavor Diatchki.  (Iavor, Don Steward and Duncan 
>> Coutts provided great support, thank you)
>> Feedback and suggestions in any form are most welcome, especially  
>> because there is a large range of features which could be implemented.  
>> The current status and a few ideas for the next releases are  
>> summarized at 
>> ProjectPlan.
>> best regards,
>> benedikt
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