-Wall -Werror

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Tue Aug 12 11:06:10 EDT 2008

>> While you're looking at the code for time, Ashley, I've got a question 
>> about its relation to old-time: shouldn't System.Time have a DEPRECATED 
>> pragma, pointing to time? The comments and package name say old-time is 
>> deprecated in favour of time.
> I looked into this; it's not quite that simple.  System.Time exports 
> ClockTime, which is still used in System.Directory.getModificationTime.  So 
> in order to properly deprecate System.Time, we have to supply an 
> alternative to System.Directory.getModificationTime, which would introduce 
> a dependency on the time package, and directory is currently a core package.

Thanks for checking, Simon. But wouldn't that simply mean
replacing old-time with time in the corelibs, keeping old-time 
around for one or two releases only to get the deprecation 
message out? Perhaps time could even provide a compat
module for the transition period, so that old-time could be
dropped immediately, while current old-time clients transition
from the compat module to proper time modules.

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